STOP Hating Yourself

You might think you hate yourself, but you dont. With whats happening around the world to whats happening to yours, you cant fathom the fact that maybe its too much or too little of apathy thats causing the clash. Whether you care less or much of certainties and possibilities, you came to wonder sometimes if your existence is as valuable as how you wanted to claim and how you treat that claim.

You dont hate yourself. You only think that way because deep down you know that there is something missing; although you want to find that piece, you dont know where to find it or what exactly is it.

You dont hate yourself because you pursue your passion no matter what animus criticisms you get. You chose love over money. Its good that you placed a steady feet on what you choose to become instead of wearing a mask that gives a ticket to slavery. Though sometimes your choice knocks on your door with a bag of doubts claiming that it may be your love, but it might not bring food to the table three times a day. Please know that even though this mentality is widely shared around the world, keep your fire burning for your passion. There is dignity in doing your ardent craft.

You dont hate yourself because you only lack self-appreciation. You forgot to look back and realize how far youve faced in your life; or you might be aware of it, still, reality slaps to your face claiming that its not enough. That youre not good enough, that someone out there is better. First, youre not competing with anyone. Second, what satisfaction does it bring you when you unravel pride over humility? Please realize that there is someone out there in the world who values you. She believes in your abilities and admires your achievements and failures. You have her loyalty; have yours with yourself too.

You dont hate yourself. Youre only comfortable with your demons. They understand your emotions and thoughts at your lowest point, when the others have turned their backs from you. You love staying at your melancholic zone because you know that leaving the constant for something as temporary as happiness could risk your sanity. You fear that leaving your demons might also mean that youll never find the right gradient to be who you were before you came into risking for happiness. Please leave them. They are toxic. They are manipulating you, saying that you only matter when you have them, and your independence is non-existent without their help.

You dont have to stay there. Depression is as complex as the universe. It preys on the strongest ones so that the weaker ones would fear that theres no hope for them if depression prevail over the strongest. Others ignore the victims of depressionthe chosen onesbecause these people have been stripped off from that privilege to constantly question your existence. These people care only for the gold and value only the gold. Whats not monetary for them (such as your passion for art) is not worth spending their thoughts for. They believe that gold can resemble their worth as a person, but its the start of the chamber where everything is divided into what should be united.  

Stop pitying yourself just because you cant have what you want or you dont exactly know what the problem is or if there is one or if your mind is just creating one that you dont even know it. Stop saying that your life is the worst storyline ever created with a serious of plot twist thats built to scar you again and again. Stop swimming in the pool of misery because its chill and you have nowhere else to calm down but there.

Again, if she had the superpower to remove all your frustrations, negative emotions, and lack of motivation, she would. She wants you to be happy too. Let her help you be happy by helping yourself get out that zone. She wants to see you glow and win over your biggest insecurities, fears, and anxiety. Along your journey, youll meet people just like youstruggling and wanting to get out of that zone; trapped by the situation and your own thoughts. When you do get out of that radar, youve won over your hatred for yourself.
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