Perfect Timing

Why do we obsess over perfection? What is with perfection that we nearly sell anything we have in order to have it? Time, is as essential as our thoughts about perfection. More valuable than gold it is, time is an ironyconstant but changing, some have more/ some have less and yet we all share the same tic tock by the clock, it has rules that although you have infinite chances time could take away moments in a glimpse. Time is testing us to be strong even if we are at the brink of giving up but encourage us to win over it by not being defeated.

Self-timed photography is like life. You only have ample time to think of ways to prove yourself worthy before the moments are captured.
You also have more errors before you reach success. Never be defined by these failures though, because it will motivate you to perform betterand when you see your best frames, it will be worth it.

You also have no idea if what you are doing is right because theres no mentor to guide you. Embrace your independency, youll learn from it.
You also feel like youre not doing great or youre not enough, but these emotions come when you doubt yourself. Trust yourself that youll do great things because you are meant to experience greatness. Those people who seek serenity will eventually find meaning when they least overthink.

Lastly, when you learn to accept that imperfection is all about authenticity and individuality, it is when youll regain your self-respect and confidence that you are unique in your own way. When you understand that perfection brings flawless stroll of actions, you forget all the things mentioned above. You forget the value of your craft and hard work. The danger of perfection is it breeds boredom and when it happens, it loses its genuine meaning until the existence fades. Yes it's beautiful, it's almost everyone's goal. It became a standard that people came to stress over it. Perfection is pretty but attaining it is ugly. It destroys meaning, it destroys relationships, and it one aspect of yourself that you love the most. 

Embracing authenticity adds your unique touch to every aspect of relationship you form in your life, come with people, with your passion, and with yourself. You have something beautiful to offer in every action you do; and every piece of action is an art that is waiting to define the world what your soul is that time could never take.


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