For four Saturdays, I watched myself fade from my social life. I ran out of ideas, creativity, and drive to commit and restore my presence in Mademichelle. I was obsessed with perfection to the point that I object any form of spontaneous actions.

One random Sunday, my cousin asked me what my blog is and she visited a blank site. Yes, my domain that day was cancelled. How come I didnt know? First, I barely checked my emails. My hosting site has been emailing me nonstop to renew my domain. Second, my inability to get out of writers block created a barrier to my prior plans on this blog for 2017. Third, my insecurities are stopping me. What if I didnt perform better than last week? What if my audience wont grow anything from my fruits? What if Im not good enough?

Going back to the story, my cousin checked my site and it was blank. I felt upset expecting my fears to come alive. Thats when I was randomly conversing with my cousin about hipster art, inner art hoes and the like. I told her I wish I could create fake freckles with my face and then I might start accepting my flaws. Wish granted in one minute, I found my Real Techniques fine liner brush and poked neutrals on my face.

Lesson learned: you dont have to plan everything to create the perfect look, perfect blog, perfect day, perfect life, etc. Sometimes, you need to go with the flow and let your imperfections bring you to the most exciting things of your future. (NOTE: but not all the time.)

SHOT BY Camille Tan


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