Back to School Blues

         June-July is back to school for most youngsters and you might be thinking Michelles twenty-one, how on Earth is she still studying. Well, its a long story. Before November 2016, I stopped schooling for a semester due to the circumstances of not qualifying for enrollment for another semester (or ever) in the University of Santo Tomas and the other fact that my mom passed away last year. It was a tough time but as soon as I got my hands on my registration form on Colegio de San Juan de Letrans (for its second semester), boy I was glad to be back in school. Now that its been a long feeling of stressing over first day of schools, this sem is surely one tough to beat. With four accounting majors, two taxation courses, and two business courses, how do I maintain my GPA of 90? Or in the simplest sense, how do I conquer my first First Semester in CSJL?

          You might be saying you should have gotten used to it (first day of school blues) since you have been into hell and backhello UST. Yes, I am preoccupied and anxious ALL THE TIME about first day of schoolI always pray for the best set of professors and a mature group of block mates (or find and pair with the most responsible and dependable ones.) Yes, Ive been trained to study diamond-hard ever since, but I guess that no amount of preparation could bring me to stay calm until the semester is over. As you might have guessed, yesI wish its October so I could view my grades and on and on until I graduate. However, common sense tells me that before I reap my success, you have to go through the process, and the process is going to be long; each one will ideally give progress.

On Academics
         After seeing my schedule for my first semester, I felt the fear of failing. How in the world did I surpass last semester with flying gray scale and black and white? Of course, it was a different semester, but I wanted to regain my drive to how was I able to make friends with different people (as an irregular student) and how did I manage in-between-breaks? How did I study? How did I learn? Will I maintain all my grades 85 and above? FIND OUT.  Make it happen, girl! No distractions (okay, Im talking to my computer again!) My deepest fear is to get delayed which ruins my goal. Hopefully, by 2019 I am a double degree holder of both Accounting Technology (my now major) and Accountancy (for next year) and will be a candidate for the CPA Licensure exam. I guess this fear will motivate me to work smarter and aim higher.

On Being Managing Editor
         In all honesty, I dont know what this position has in store for me but I know it will be promising and demanding. When I read through The LANCE constitution, I read through the duties and responsibilities of a Managing Editor and in my four years as Accounting Technology major, theres no point in any business lecture that they taught us budgeting. Not even in Cost Accounting, Financial Management, and Finance. My other fear is to disappoint my team. I have my heart set for the school paper as former Editor-in-Chief, Kim Rubinos, inspired me. Hes now an alumni but you can see that his heart is still set for the  welfare of the publication. Anyway, I have anxieties after reading former columns from The LANCE issues. I got intimidated by Apecs, Bryles, and Kims works. Being the only CBAA is not an excuse for me not to read newspapers dailyheck, its a responsibility even. Plus, Kim is once a CBAA (College of Business Administration and Accountancy) and he did a tremendous job of leading the staffers.

On Being a Running Candidate for Two Beauty Pageants
         My first and last time I attempted to join a pageant was in UST AMV-COA (Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy.) I was a freshman at 17 (year 2013) and I only landed until callbacks or second auditions. My modeling is different from pageant (for training and walking). Q&A is my biggest threat  (to myself) because of the thrill of not knowing what they will be asking from me, figuratively speaking as well.  My strategy is to recite in class and use my advantage as ManEd to read newspaper to give in depth learning about the world and about the causes that I want to fix as a beauty queen.

         The point is, this semester is IMMENSE: a big dream, a big responsibility, and a promising experience. Before I get to cherish the spotlight, there has to be lots of discipline, questioning, learning, training, and intelligent strategizing. Above all, I must trust myself that I could handle these upcoming pressure and situations. Learning is the best part of it. Of course, the most important thing to do is to accept the challenge and brace myself for the part. I can do it! Slap me if I stop trusting myself.

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