The Black Swan

Although its safe to say that puberty catapults one from the ugly duckling to the beautiful swan stage, still what kind of swan have you turned into? Its no excuse that Im no child at twenty-one and equally frightening expectations from reality. You might be over your high school woes (bullies, frantic deadlines, and baby fats) but you are faced with the real world with real problems. Say hello to unemployment, to ASAP decisions, to budget-plans, to comparing your life with others, and to adult fatsbeer or no beer. When you open your doors to new opportunities, you also welcome potential disappointment, failure, and existential crisis. Thats okay.

Of course, when you grow old, the norm is to transform into the white swan: prude yet wise. However, reality strikes, no matter how much kindness you offer the world, you welcome yourself into blows of equal maltreatment and injustice. As much as you want to become a good influence by being perfect life adores those who came with relatable stories and flaws. Thats why there are black swans in a pond of beautiful, angelic white ones. Dont feel bad if youre sorted into the black swan though. Embracing your uniqueness can bring out the best out of your individuality. Being a black swan may not be the person you wanted to become but it does not mean you can stop reaching out to people and start influencing them for a good cause.

How do you know if youre the black swan? First is, you came from a dark past. Its when you actually survived a deep, rough patch from a traumatic memory. Youre a survivor. No one knows your entire life story but its okay. You dont let everyone enter your life because youve been repeatedly stabbed from the back. You even have scars to prove how strong you are for enduring such. Thats okay. Being the black swan protects you from those who pretend to be white swans.

Second, youre authentic. You know that not everyone would appreciate you. So you allow yourself to show your mystic blackness (not blankness) to everyone. Unlike the norm that dictates you to be the standard white swan, people fake it, and you know you just cant live with such perfection. Thats why you let your imperfections speak genuine class of your own free will.

Third, you embrace rejections, failures, humiliations, and dark hurdles. Life is not all rainbows and sun shines. Which is why you developed a mindset that you expect for the worst and still aim for your best. Though we have evolved from not believing that we are born ducks, others criticisms might harm us at some point. Thats why we have drawn a safe line that dictates our limitations and to what extent we could further prove ourselves. Its an irony thoughthat our pessimistic mindset allows us to go further from that is expected.    

Fourth, you sulk into your own demons because they understand you the most. Not that you dont agree with positivity but most of the time, knowing that creating an impossible quest in your own disposition could turn into disappointment. Allowing yourself to be upset is being aware that these challenges you face in life wont dictate where youll be in the future. When you empathize with yourself, you learn to love and value who you are as a person and what is and is not acceptable for you. Your fears revisit you to remind you of your dreams when you feel less motivated than usual. Your failures stalk you to prove to you that you can actually do better. Your sadness brings you closer to your sanctuary.

So I sound melancholic? Well, thats the beauty of it. We are humans. Were imperfect. We still strive to go to school or work even though were already late. We consume unhealthy food because it makes us feel good even for a while. We indulge into our own kind of vice because it brings us satisfaction. Although these are taboo, or what should not practice or even talk about, we continue to do it for pleasure and identitys sake. These practices are not the ideally the ones we tolerate but as we grow older, we just cant accept perfection. The white swan has sailed to another pond, and we are left shattered finding within ourselves where and why has our best version flew? Why the white swan died in us? Why we continue to recast ourselves that we could bring out the past? No. Our best selves can be drawn out from the acceptance that we are all blacksome with stripes, some with spots, some coated with white feathers, while some have transcend into full darkness. Its an indication that were evolving.


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