What makes a makeup great? Other than the usual finds of a great brandi.e. coverage, long lasting, natural looking, affordable priceit must also help your skin recover from the harsh damages it battles in a day. After months of reading good reviews and saving cash from Christmas, a special list is dedicated for anyone finding the right dose of natural looking makeup for the benefit of the skin as well. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, adding these products to your routine may increase your addiction with self-care.

From top left clockwise: LOreal Infallible 24 Hours Stay Fresh Foundation, MAC Prep + Prime, Kiehls Clearly Correcting Dark Spot Solution Serum, LOreal Infallible Pro-Matte 16 Hour Powder, MAC Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation.

1.    LOreal Infallibles
Cream Foundation: Want a foundation that resists sweat, heat, humidity, stress without the flat as they claim from their ad. No shine, No Mask Effect, No Transfer. I nod with the highest form of agreement! Great product with an affordable price. Wearing it everyday for school! I love the scent too. Cant wait for their Sculpting Contour set to arrive in the PH.
Powder Foundation: It's cakey if you add layers of it. The coverage makes it obvious that I have product on my face. When I wipe a napkin on my face, it doesn't transfer some product to it so thumbs up to that! The sponge it not a great addition to the compact because it's too flexible that I need more grip to control it. If I use a brush, the particles immediately spread out of the solid powder and It's a turn off for me because I have asthma. I use a buffing brush for coverage and a foundation brush for touch ups. Wearing this on my face feels like I applied a mask on my skin, which is bad when I feel the urge to touch or rub my face occasionally. What I also dislike is its minimum option of shades. It's a long lasting powder foundation, which I prefer better than the Maybelline Clear Smooth all-in-one powder.

2.    MAC Prep + Prime Primer
If I have to change this product in one aspect, I wish its not glittery. When buying makeup, I want something that enhances my features and will help me look more natural instead of revealing to everyone that I have one on my face. The shimmer makes it look as if Ive put something on my face to look like a fairy goddess. Everything else is fineit holds my makeup in place for hours, it doesnt feel sticky when I havent retouched in hours, and it gives a great base. The pink color of the product adds a feminine touch to it. I love the simple packaging "as if it looks like a bottle of hairspray." The glitter tho.

3.    Kiehls Serum
I have reviewed this product from my previous post. Please read if interested. I included this one in this post because I promised some readers Ill include the photo of the serum on my next post, which is this one!

4.    MAC Pro Longwear Foundation
AHH. My first impression with this product is it smells a lot like Maybellines Super BBCream, which I don't like. Its formula is almost the same as the latter. Both are long lasting! Maybelline super BB Cream offers 7-in-1 benefits which are 1. Covers imperfections, 2. Hides Pores, 3. All Day Wear, 4. Blocks UV rays w/ SPF 50 PA+++, 5. Protects skin from pollution, 6. Brightens skin, 7. Smoothens skin, 8. Evens Skintone, but I did not stay loyal with the brand since it clogs my whiteheads around my nose area, it's hard to blend, and it makes it more visible to anyone with or without makeup.  Maybelline BB Cream also have only two shades which made it difficult for me to blend with my skin. With this brand, the MAC Pro Longwear Foundation offers a "studio skin" finish which I am a fan of. Apply a small amount then you'll have great coverage for the entire face. It covers well and blends well. Even though it has a lighter shade than my BB Cream from Maybelline, it matches my skin tone without applying vigorous effort to my face. Both are matte, so they dry quickly but I love how "breathable" MAC product is. If I feel sweaty, it doesn't neglect my pores from sweating, and I don't observe a transfer from my face to my hanky. It has a nifty size so I could bring it everyday for touch ups. Though it's not my first choice of foundation to apply for the day. 

         If theres one thing Id change with these products is that I hope they will be Animal-Friendly. I hope that one day they do the right thingnot testing their products on animals. They have a promising product but if they won't treat wildlife morally and uprightly, they will lose my loyalty.

         Next week, Im going to review the brushes featured in this post that became one of the life-transforming tools Ive used in my lifeReal Techniques brushes. It is a must have on every girls makeup collection.
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