Trashthats what theyll ever think
Memoriesthats what we had.
Through these papers,
Markings of each destination
Remind that they existed.
Unclaimed yet still sacred, desired.
Twenty-five minutes too late;
Twenty-five years still waiting.

Receiptour first,
Second, to a hundredth.
I kept every single one.
A reminder of how good
Or bad was our food
At every diner, or two.
My appetite has unpredicted patterns
As it is with my heart beating.
You remembered my pork issues
While I pig out my way to each platter.
Such an unpleasant sight
A hungry version of me
Which you find beautiful
And were thirsty for more.

Movie ticketwhen we saw our idol
Right in front of your eyes.
I saw you fixated at her
Yet I dont want to feel jealous.
To see you happy like that
Even when Im not the cause of your happiness,
At least for that day.
You claimed as if she went out from the screen.
A celebrity in front of us, what more could
I say than I believe that we
Are better than what they want us to be in
The movies.

Bus ridewhere we shared an
Intense ride
That kept us locked together for hours.
Traffic, conversation, cold night, and
Two people with everything to talk about.
Where we felt chemistry and
Tension intensify
As no one could enter
Our territory.

Map out of townwhere we chased
And kissed the afternoon air
On pre-summer day.
When we shared our hopes out of the city
A situation were at.
Wishing were somewhere else called here.

Your lettera piece that I keep
Reading: when Im lonely or skeptic.
A paper that reflects your soul
Wherever you are
You are near me.
And I dont feel the distance

Picturesonce they were moments
Now flashed as memories.
We knew time would be over
And we have a limited stay,
But we hoped it never would.

If in one year nothing changes
About how we want each other badly,
If in ten years we keep wanting each other,
If in twenty years, my collection
Is filled with papers of you and I,
If fate decides that well collide and intertwine,
Then that would be work all
Time losing and keeping you.
Even when Im twenty-five years waiting
For you to come back to me again.

xxx xxx

         Its my first portrait shoot and first time with a guy photographer! This post was my deepest reflection from the song Twenty-five Minutes by Michael Learns to Rock. I have different interpretations to that song. This free-verse poetry is honed by that song. As we feel deeply connected to a song, we raise different memorieswhether good or bad, to sustain us from what keeps us separate from reality.

Shot by Alperr Padiernos (all raw/unedited)

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