Refreshing vibe and energy. The industry needs fresh ideas and projects like this.

            One of the official entries of CinemaKnights 2017, Minda is an experimental drama that shows how a person aspires for a promising future in spite of permanent circumstances. This short experimental film had me thinking what the real story is all about.

            A film directed by Patricia Loi Pangilinan, written by Martin Joseph Tuaño, and produced by Short Circuit Films. Starring veteran stars, Wendell Ramos, Jojo De Guzman, Maddie Martinez. Introducing 70’s Eva Vivar and Metro Manila Film Festival Special Jury Prize recipient Rhed Bustamante.

            Knowing how Indie films work, I know to it’s not going to be a typical film with a predictable formula to it. It starts as a comedy as two old women are ganging up on each other while Minda is praying at the chapel. Of course, the plot does not evolve around. Later it goes a little adventurous as they play at their past time. Eva Vivar’s (Old Minda) acting is real. You’ll see how she’s natural with it. I love how she’s staring at empty spaces while her two friends constantly argue with each other.

As child actress, Rhed, enters the frame, I saw a child performing way progressively than her generation stars. What a promising child! As young Minda, she expressed an age we used to live into but grew up with.  (Young) Minda reminded us that to dream BIG, it is okay to see life positively despite our health. (Old) Minda warned us that life is too short for regrets. Wendell Ramos' acting is up to par. Knowing him from my favourite show, Bubble Gang, it feels different that he's not doing comedy. I like that he expressed different emotions like a real person would do, and not how an actor would do it.

            If given another chance to view this film, I would do so! Don’t miss “Minda,” catch her while you can. Visitors are welcome at Colegio de San Juan de Letran during school hours.

            For inquiries, like their official FACEBOOK PAGE and follow their official TWITTER and INSTAGRAM account with #MindaFilm

 Contact Seth Liu 0906-325-8730.

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Minda Minda Reviewed by Michelle Tan on 7:19 PM Rating: 5

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