Skin Care, a Sin?

Clockwise from Top Left: Cure Natural Aqua Gel, Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream, Clean it Zero (Banila Co.), Sephora Night Mask, Innisfree Face Mask in Avocado, Innisfree Night Mask in Green Tea, Hadabisei Charcoal Mask, Ettude Wonder Pore Mist, and Clinique Dramatic difference Moisturizing Gel.

         One of my resolutions is to take care of myselfthat includes my skin care. With this comes another desire to add a section to my blog solely for writing reviewsskin care/makeup products, book, food, and clothes. Voila the Lust List is born! With this, let me make it more special by revealing my weekly skin care. Shall we begin?

The first step is to remove dirt and makeup from skin by using Clean it Zero by Banila co. Partner it with Biore 2-in-1 instant foaming wash. The fizz effect adds up the fun in removing the tiresome routine. When you use only the first product, youll have a hard time removing the product from your face. Thus leading to breakout. When you only use the second product, youll end up with a dry face. So to look like a fresh superstar, do add these two to your routine every night before going to bed.
After using your cleanser and toner, exfoliate with Cure Natural Aqua Gel. The reason why we exfoliate is to remove our dead skin cells occurred from the previous week. Also we remove the clogged bacteria and dirt that could possibly lead to whiteheads or acne. As you can see its more than a year with me and I havent finished the bottle. Exfoliate weekly.
Time for facemask! Feel free to use any of the three optionsInnisfree in Avocado, Innisfree in Green Tea, and Black Charcoal mask. For twenty minutes, soak your face with the mask and massage your face in an upward circular motion. Prevent the product from going to your eye area. This routine is recommended to be done weekly, but its completely optional.
Mist is not mandatory but it gives good results when added to your routine. Ettude Wonder Pore Mist is one of the best reviewed because it has seven benefits in one. You can use it after applying makeup, during school when you feel sleepy, after the dreadful commute, and before sleeping. Use it many times in a day.
Use Kiehls Clearly Correcting Dark Spot Serum (not included in the main photo) to repair dark spots and prevent early signs of ageing. Lather three dots to your hand and distribute generously on face. Next is Kiehls Midnight Recovery Eye Cream. With a small dot, tap the product on your under eye area and do this on both eyes.
Second to the last step is to Moisturize! Pump Clinique dramatic difference Moisturizing Gel for combination skin. Seal the product on your cheeks, nose, chin, and forehead area. Using your middle and ring finger, distribute evenly around the face. Last step is to layer Sephora Night Mask unto your face, the same areas where you applied your moisturizer. This must be done every night.
Youll wake up as a renewed person baptized with these must haves as claimed by the beauty industry (Cosmopolitan, Seventeen, and etc.)

         Over all, I would NOT recommend using ALL these products to you. If you want, feel free to gradually add them one by one to your routine to observe which works and which doesnt. Kiehls products are a downer. 1) Theres no drastic change with my dark spots, pimple marks, dark under eye area, puffy eye bags, and fine lines before and after the routine. 2) They test on animalsa no, no if youre pro-makeup/skin care and anti animal cruelty. Same goes with Cliniques moisturizer because 1) My face seemed oilier after using the product (believe me I tried to use just this product for a day and a night.) Got disappointed a lot. 2) same reason from Kiehls. I dislike the Aqua Cure Exfoliating Gell because it 1) takes forever to finish the bottle. 2) Exfoliating with water based products felt like a gory chore. 3) Overrunning sebaceous glands (OIL AGAIN) appears minutes after exfoliating. Note: only exfoliating. Kudos to Sephoras night mask! I will continue using this product until I can afford a better one or find a reason not to.

         In a nutshell, Skin care becomes a sin if it is ineffective in its purpose to protect your skin from makeup, pollution, dirt, oil, fine lines, and others. Skin care must be our combat against the flaws on our face, but if we dwell on makeup to cover up then is the former a real solution or another cause to our financial expenses? Skin care must not feel a chore; it should ease us with its application plus help us enjoy the transformation of becoming a better version of ourselves (physically!)

         First suggestion, go to your dermatologist before adding any product to your routine (not just the specific brands Ive mentioned but the overall type of product.) Second, make sure you support eco-friendly and animal-friendly products. Lastly, as soon as I finished some of these products I made an important choice. I stopped adding chemicals on my skin and started using minerals on my routine. On my next skin care review, youll find out what brand changed my life.

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