Letter to my Next Lover

Dear Potential,
         You may or may not be reading this but if you are, let me tell you that it would be great if I knew who you are. An idea of you would be great to start the day and to end the night. The fact is you could be anyone I know or havent met yet. On the contrary, youre not like everyone because theres something about you that lead me to be yours. Its a choice that I made and a choice that changes our future.
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         Every time someone asks me if I have a boyfriend, I reply that I have none because I take relationships seriously. Let no time be wasted, heart be broken, or memory forgotten. Im not any normal girl who prefers to live in the moment, to experience the thrill, to bask in any mushy gestures you might give (but Im not complaining though.) When I want someone, its because I want to be with him for as long as I live. Its not just to pass time in order to brag that hey Im in a relationship with a major hottie with major flabs and cash on hand. Its not to assume that Meh well break up anyway in ten months. Let me stay in this relationship to gain his trust and gain his secrets only Id learn. Nope. Whats vital to me is to keep the relationship lasting and growing.

         Somehow I hope that youre both traditional and modern. Youd go to my house everyday just to see me but youd also text me a random memory you had on your past. Youd talk for hours about amazing or even boring thoughts you have without glancing on your notification in case of an important phone calls but youd still learn about modern technology, art, and food. All these and I hope that youre a God-lover; As if praying for him is talking to him (via your thoughts) 24/7.

 Im not asking for a perfect lover. Just hoping that youre emotionally strong to handle meor anything that could hurdle our future. The best thing you could offer is time and commitment. Any effort, no matter how small, improves our relationship. If we have an argument, never shout at methats a factor that our hearts are afar with each other. Instead, lets resolve the issue without trying to win our own points. Most importantly, lets inspire each other to be the best version of ourselves each day. Never feel comfortable with an okay performance. I also wish I could trust you. Like whatever conversation we have stays a secret. I dislike the feeling when your friends would know intimate details about how I got scared of the crocodile or how you bought me bubble gum flavored ice cream. You get it. 

With many more things to say in mind, I end with this note because I know the rest will be exciting. How I wish you could be my first, last, and ONLY boyfriend. Isnt it a wonderful idea that the universe is conspiring for our love life. LOL.


P.S. I hope you love dogs. I need a protector when Im feeling scared of animals.

P.P.S. My favorite color is blue. Metallics/pastels are great options too. Dont dare give me pink gifts or else.

P.P.P.S. Writing this with a head ache </3 You have to know that because even when I'm sick, I have a reason to gain strength for I know that I'd be missing a lot if I die today. LOL. Go to my house ASAP and feed me soup!
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