Is Selfie an Art?

IS Selfie an Art?

         The growing popularity of taking modern self-portraits or selfies has had a huge impact or demand on every smart phone front camera and social media applications. Vast majority create selfies a week to keep up with the addiction that it feels great to take good pictures on themselves. Society requires their phones to give the best resolution on their iOs or Android phones while also seeking promising filters on Scapchat, VSCO, Afterlight, and so forth. Kim Kardashian published a booka collection of her selfiesand to my surprise the market wants it!

         So the brimming question isdo we consider it art?

         Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts (artworks), expressing the author's imaginative or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. (Wikipedia)It can be in the form of writing, music, acting, calligraphy, etc.; As long as it requires learning something technical with the suspense of emotional impact.

            In 1886-1880, well-known artist Vincent Van Gogh created thirty-six (36) self-portraits in the form of painting (oil in canvas). Self-portrait painting was used as a method of introspection, making money, and developing skills. If Van Gogh existed two centuries later, would you think hed prefer to photograph himself rather than paint himself? Although Johann Zahn invented camera in 1685, it wasnt popularized until 1885 by George Eastmans introduction of photographic film, and was offered for sale in 1888, two years before Van Goghs death. Think of it? If he had ample cash and lived in the age of technology, would he consider selfies? I dont think so. If so, he wouldnt be remembered as a painter but a person who takes selfiesisnt that remarkable?

         Well, when you take selfies, you require the right lighting, the right angle, and the right posethat falls into photography and modeling, right? So where does it fall, in modeling or in photography? You are neither a photographer nor a model! It takes more than bone structure, proper makeup and figure to become a model and it takes more than a simple phone to consider one a photographer.

         The deeper meaning why I believe selfies are not considered art is because selfies can be perfected with the right filter, edit, lighting, and angle. Art, however, is beautiful with its imperfections. This is why we feel something after viewing art. We connect with art. We understand art (even though we dont know some of its technicalities.) We know a story behind it. In selfies, we feel somethingannoyed! Just kidding. We feel that we appreciate and love ourselves at some point but that doesnt live anything remarkable for the community. They might say oh shes very prettybut theyll scroll down and lose interest or would scroll down for more information (like, whats her name? Oh Liza Soberano! Wow!) Other than that, what kind of transformation do we feel with art versus with looking at peoples selfies? Art should change our life at one way or another.

Without further ado, the I-Wouldnt-Call-This-Art-Gallery-of-my-Best-Selfies:


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