High Fly

         “If you were born without wings, do nothing to prevent them from growing.”
Coco Chanel


Almost every girl wants to feel as gorgeous and glamorous as a Victorias Secret Angel. Luckily, its not the end of the world if you arent. Trust me, everyone is an angel at their own wayif they choose to be one.

I, once, felt the pressure to commit to these unwanted standards. Followed bloggers and models on Instagram who made me feel its okay to spend thousands of money on clothes, makeup, shoes, and drinks for personal reasons. Gain publicity, followers, attention from social media, sponsors, and more career opportunities. Its essential to attain size one and to be as towering as a door in order to look attractive. Your followers determine what kind of person you are on social mediaare you likeable or not? Took me a while to realize that this is a scheme of unwanted practice is just a marketing strategya long cash flow of moneybut its also an unhealthy cycle for those who continue to ride the bandwagon.

Every time I scroll down my Instagram feed, I compare myself with other bloggers or models. Wow they have so many sponsors! Wow she has so many likesmore than my followers in social media combined! Wow her feed is #goals and her ads are everywhere! Why cant I have the same life as her? Her body is artwell sculpted; I want to have that figure! If you could visit my 2016 mindset, 75% of the time is wasted on contemplating a list of things I admire about people and 25% on how I must be an example to everyone. There's a huge debate in my head that I must be like them but at the same time be myself so that people will be like me. Late-2016 was a wake up calltheir lifestyle is not my lifestyle. There are reasons why people choose to stay in my life and choose to become a part of my life. Its because I begin to embrace my inner beauty (what!) and channel them so others could also see them and channel their own graces as well.

I stopped being part of the crowd where I compare my wings with other's capes. Everyone has their own capability in soaring high but I choose what's not choking me. Accepted and learned what I have right now. So I pass it on to you:

Spend your money on experience but more importantly, spend your time with your valued loved ones. Treasure each opportunity you have with them. Don't travel the world just to brag your photos, but take the opportunity to open your mind with other cultures. Don't exercise everyday to attain a fit body (only) but to also engage into a healthier lifestyle. Don't spend too much money on clothes, makeup, and shoes but save until you find something worthy of your investment. Share your talent, be more passionate, and create a positive vibe!

What I tell my friends who feel weighed down by the boulder to think of it as if it were a backpacka cocoon, per se. Someday, on its right time, it will unwrap its own beautiful wings if you let them show its inner beauty; if you trust on yourself that you deserve to feel beautiful inside and out. The reason why most people dont think theyre angels is because they dont choose to become one. Not to offend anyone but, there are two types of influencegood and bad, oh I forgot trend so that makes it three. Most think that what they have or who they are, is already enough. As if they dont have to impose actions to become a great example of change. At the end, theyll complain why nothings happening. Go back to the first line (the quote) and ponder about it. First glance is quite confusing, "DO NOTHING"? but I'd like to give it a more positive view. Do nothing that will hinder it from reaching out. Meaning, do everything you have to in order for it to grow and nurture. Refuse it from all the things that it will cause to malfunction.

Regarding this sultry outfit that Im wearing, its a metaphor actually. On the outside I look mysterious and hiding inside my shell (woo my name!); with a dark past but will choose to be pure as snow no matter what the circumstance offer. When asked what my New Years Resolution is/are, I reply, I dont have a resolution. I only have a lifetime advocacy of becoming a better version of myself and accept my faults and flaws in my own special way. Got laughed by them in return, but I shrugged it off defensively saying, yah, youll see someday what I mean. My wings will say yes to that!


SHOT by Joan Beatrice

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