Bombs Away!

                  Black might have a negative impression in the color scheme, but to me it means sophistication, mystery, class, and flexibility. Every person looks good in black.

2016 has been a toxic yearclaiming it the nuclear 366 bang! A sheer hope of an immense transformation subside in peoples expectation but all happened up to no good at least for most of us.

         As soon as 2017 hit the calendars, everyones wishing for a better year. I believe that as much as the future is unpredictable, all actions or decisions affect the way it forms. This year, I choose to become have a more positive outlook in my daily life, and be committed to my school, blog, and extra-curricular activities. In my head, Im hoping that The Mademichelle will have a heads up in social media or gain more loyal readers.

         Bombsused to avenge something on a war. I say goodbye to every unwanted cry that happened last year. Never would I want to claim revenge on someone by throwing a larger burden or obstacle to someone whove hurt me. Yet, tempting. Now I realize that the biggest vengeance is by forgiving them instead, and becoming a better person for ones sake as well. Being black doesnt mean youre hiding from everybody, but youre also trying to redeem yourself until you gain all the colors from the rainbow. By the end of this year, I hope that Ill be able to show everyone my truest colorshopefully bright and beautiful. Theres hope.

Twenty-oh-seventeen, here I go!

Looks: Long Sleeve Rollneck Slit Dress and Ankle Cuffed Block Heel Sandals both by Zalora | Sunnies by Sunnies

Shot by: Joan Tan

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