The Limit Does Not Exist

Yup, youre rightI wore this outfit before! I just love it and miss the thrill of wearing this head turner pieces. One night, I was supporting my friends at CineSB 6 at its premier of Star na si Van Damme Stalonne! That day, I was planning to create this Lookbook but then I was out of time. I wondered if I could remake it again because why not?” After postponing the date, two and a half months later voila!

Before checking to the counter and paying for new clothes, I ask myself this one important question, Am I going to wear this more than ten times? If 'yes' is my obvious answer, another quick way to save my wallet from depression is to review myself in the mirror and ponder, Do I look good on this outfit? Am I not offending anyone if I wear this? Does this flatter my assets? Will it save me from humiliation of throwback photos in ten years time? Hell yeah I look attractive to even date myself. Nope youre not offending anyone. Not only does it flatter your asset nor does it conceal your imperfections but it also shows your personality. And your makeup will most likely be the number one cause of further embarrassments in the future becauseyou shouldve popped some lip color, you look pale (says my future to present self)!

To all of you who make Outfit Repeating an issue, heres my reply. Clothes arent (book) plastic covers that you only wear ones. Refrain from thinking that you cant wear the same outfit because people will think you dont wash your clothes. Of course you laundry them, right? Again, it doesnt make you less of a person if you reuse one piece or all of them alike. Some people do itlike wear the same outfit in a year and redo a photo as if theyre remaking the past; Nothing wrong with that either. What makes it wrong is having the mentality to please people with your outfits and not letting your personality shine instead. Even if you have the money of the entire world, you will not spend all of them solely on clothes. Plus, even the wealthiest people on earth will agree that its impractical to use an outfit once. Steve Jobs wears one outfit to everythingblack shirt, brown belt (optional), sneakers, and blue jeans. He claims that the less time you spend on making decisions, the more changes and choices you make.
   Again, my limit (in wearing an outfit more than once) does not exist. The most vital thing is to showcase your personality without hesitating to wonder what people think.

Look: Blue top w/ choker by The Pink Store | Floral White Skater Skirt by Forever 21 | Brown Boots by H&M

Shot by Joan Beatrice Tan



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