Silver Lining

Defines to, emphasize the hopeful side of a situation that might seem gloomy on the surface.” (Merriam Webster Dictionary.) Let me tell you what happened Behind The Scenes while doing this shoot. I had this blue Googly Gooey notepad that I won from the Googly Gooeys shop at Blog Con that my twin sister adores. She loves it so much to the point that she visits my desk each day just to take a look of it. Sis are you gonna use this? Its been months here? Pangit naman sulat mo, akin na lang! (You have an ugly penmanship give it to me instead) So we made a deala photo shoot for the notebook.

Now you know whose hands the journal lies with right now, in exchange for this photo shoot. Anyway, when we had this shoot all she did was complain. Sis I have Thesis. Sis you pose so quick! Tammmmyyyy youre hair is messy. Kamot ka nang kamot (you keep scratching)! Tammy I wont click this camera until you give me a great pose. Masisira pangalan ko sa iyo eh. (Youll ruin my reputation) Mean as it sounds, yes thats how we communicate. Truth is, shes not as dedicated as I am in terms of my modeling versus with her in photography. Only if its possible to divide another me from myselfone whos knowledgeable in photographythen I bet that my career as a blogger catapulted on its own. Not blaming our poor communication though. Also, I dont want to highlight that my sister is a brutally gruesome photographer.

Next point, you know why people aspire for love? Most of them are for the most selfless reasonsthey want to spend and share themselves with someone; they want to take care for someone else other than themselves. Todays misconception is that love equals your interest to someone. Today, people also associate a successful romantic relationship by how happy you are with each other not by the length of how far you are willing to give in order to save yourself from a heartfelt of regret or pool of "what ifs". The more apathetic the person is, its partner will more likely be drawn to the former resulting to an emotional instability and insecurityas if it were a controlling game. Tell you what, Im no dating expert but I know what unconditional love is. Its sacrifice, equal trust and respect, and consistent effort to make your relationship stable and growing. Silver lining also means even the worst events or situations have some positive aspect. ( website)” You know how I came up with this conclusion? My sister! We had the intense arguments ever but we share the most common traumas, experiences, desires and hopes of a person. Its neither narcissistic nor incestuous to have sibling love (or rivalry.)

After several years of complaining why we get compared 24/7, of asking why she gets the bigger slice of pizza, why I get to choose a college program my parents picked for me, etc. I realized that we also connect in certain ways that an average person cannot understand. Like how I instantly drop what I have to do in order to help her when shes screaming for my name. Or how I ask her for money (and never get to pay back my loans. Hahaha shhh). Or how we manage to make every bad encounter an inspiration to become a better personeven better than our parents. Plus, if you know my past, she was there as my mom, dad and sister. Every time I complain about the boys I dated and how they break my heart shell aid me not to comfort me but tell me wise words, If God created an amazing person like you, then He made another amazing person for you. Isnt it sweet to hear those words? She added, Hell be exactly your type and youll be more than what he ever asked for.  She'll also suggest that, "You know these boys you dated are so shallow. You show them little flaws or imperfections then they back out like ceasefire to a war! They think they are The Best to even deserve perfection. They're not even half a person you are because you've experienced so much. You're one of the strongest, bravest, and most forgiving person on Earth. You don't need their reason or excuse in order to accept the fact that they're not worthy of you. If they don't take you seriously right now (when you're only revealing less about yourself) what happens when they know almost everything about you?"

Enough with the cheesy lines that really happened in life. I guess Im not looking forward to having a boyfriend in the soonest amount of time. Im happy right now because I know that I have a promising future with my hobbies and even from my college degree. Sure, sometimes I wish my knight-in-shining-armor would come rescue me from my stress in life. Sure I want unlimited travels and spontaneous date nights with real kisses from this boy. Sure, it would feel great to be showered with love and presents but it can wait. My sister however, I know I feel scared and sad that someday there will be a point in time that well have our separate lives. We promised, however, that well live next door with each other.

P.S. That outfit is not lavenderits gray!
P.P.S. Forgive my editing, it was my first time in Photoshop! Promise to submit better portfolio ideas and shoots soon.

Look: Paradise Luxe Jumpsuit by Ashley Collection in Zalora | Black Gladiator shoes by Mark's and Spencers 

Shot by Joan Beatrice Tan 

Edit by Yours Truly




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