When Wishing is more than Wanting and Waiting

            We’re not aiming for alliterations and tongue twisters now—as to speak on behalf of the title of this post. However that’s not the main focus for today. Let’s talk about dreams, wishes, wanting, waiting, and everything in between.

            There was a time this week I was conversing with a new friend, Justin, when I bumped in a question, “Why do some wishes come true when I least expect them? Like when I wished to gain money and instantly discovered my pencil case filled with extra cash. Or that time I said, “Sana suspended!” and actually happened. You know the small things come to life when you least expect them; SO why not the big things? If I wish for this certain celebrity to be my friend, why not have that wish granted by having him knock on my doorstep? Why can’t I have a cloud of raining cash above me wherever I go—convertible to any currency as I wish, of course? Why do other students ace an exam even when they don’t have to study when I have to burry my nose on my reviewers in order to get an above average rate?” I saw Justin pause and ponder these questions too.

Later that day I discovered that there’s no formula to having your wish granted but sheer luck. If everyone’s single wish came true, then what’s the purpose of living for? There is more to life than just wishing for things to happen—it’s setting goals and pursuing your dreams. The fine line between ambition and reality is implementation. With proper action and strategy, anyone can land on their goals in life. Of course, it’s never easy. The bigger the dream is, the more people are willing to work for their desire. If the competition is big, why work for your dreams—anyway, the probability of rejection is higher than reaching the target right? OH you gullible and pessimistic folk! Here are three reasons why you MUST take the first step on your dreams!

1.    You Have To Work For IT!
Who said it’s going to be easy? Chances are, the bigger the goal is, the less attainable it gets as you reach it. When you set your mind, heart and soul for something, the less likely you will take something for granted. Your dream shouldn’t be as if it were a handout, a flier, or a freebie given to you that after consumption would turn into waste. As soon as you have reached your goal, you’ll look back at the past and you’ll realize that all the hardships, struggles, and rejections are worth it after all.

2.    So It Won’t Shock You
Have you ever wished for something and it actually happened? The process of immerging yourself into a new environment is tricky. As you go with life, you’ll learn if you still want to pursue something or not. Example: Your goal is to migrate on New York to pursue modeling. What if your wish happened instantly that you have to leave your country now and pursue your dreams stat? When you move into the foreign land, you’ll meet different people, culture, environment, and norms… what if along the way it wasn’t what you expected it would be? I.e. 13 Going 30 movie, 13 year old Jenna Rinks woke up one day as a 30-year old editor on a prestige magazine she’s been dying to work forPoise Magazine, and she is bestfriends with Lucy (popular Tom Tom in high school) and ex-friends with next door neighbor Matt Flamhaff. Her dream life happened overnight but the catch is she doesn’t know how she got there. She’s been identifying what happened with the rest of her life when it’s too late.

3.    Make Room For Other Goals Along The Way
Psychology dictates that smaller goals attained immediately will more likely give the person more motivation to stick with the bigger goal. For instance, you want to become a big time blogger who inspires people to be their best self—that’s your big goal. Along the way you’re not expecting to learn Graphic Design—a small goal. When you accomplished or succeeded Graphic Design, you’ll feel more determined to improve in blogging. The same goes with writing—another small goal. You want to learn how to write better so your audience will listen and trust you more. Taking up writing workshops and contests will instantly make you more credible as a writer; now you can add these achievements with your blog.

So how good does it feel—effin’ good ineffable! Once I was 135 pounds and insecure of my body. I wanted to change how I feel about myself so I change my mindset and lifestyle. With constant discipline and prayer I became 110 pounds in a month! Another experience was when I was in my third year in high school when my classmate Annika got her project represented by the school for PAASCU purposes. I admitted to myself that I felt jealous but if I worked extra I might have been chosen. By senior year, I paid close attention to my plan and by end of my fourth year in high school—voila! The rest is history to remember; though I missed my works (because I don’t have a copy of them) I guess that it’s an instrument of inspiration to others now.

Certain wishes do come true. Most are temporary, while some are life changing.

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