~A work dedicated to the mother of my children and the only wife of my future husband~

Shes not a star that only twinkles at a glimpse:
         Shoot for the sky, wishing you could have her,
         A beauty you cant name or replace.
Shes not the moon who sparks only in darkness:
         Uncovers a phase based on feelings, or with a smile,
         Hers is a puzzlesometimes hole, half, away.
Shes not the sun, with warmth in every energy:
         One that radiates magnetic attraction,
         Someone that everything can find its center.
Shes not the world only to make wonders:
         Or the sky, whose beauty comes and goes,
         Or seasons that revolve in constant predictions.
Shes above everythingBeauty and Catastrophe:
         A constant battle of contradictions,
         And every mystery worth seeking
         Waiting to be discovered.
She is the universe Extracted in one verse
         One spec within a massive thing
         Ready to exchange actions for an equal reaction.
         None that consumes nor absorbs the
         Theories and laws that will uncover more of
        Miss U

Beyond world-class, She is INFINITY.

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