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Its true that our problems wont vanish unless we make solutiona decision. Solutions come in handy as soon as we identified the best way to overcome the obstacle, but you know what most complications in life arent supposed to be issues at all if we have a healthy mindset. Sometimes a simple choice could lead to another. A good intention may be susceptible to a dilemma if were not careful with our actions. What matters is to tell you this simple logic, in a few year's time, it wouldn't be your same problem anymore but your memories will remain the same no matter what. 

If your stress level is "Hades from Hercules" then you need to cool off. Let's buy some ice cream shall we?

So the main reason Im writing is to guide you that most of our stress is caused by anxiety or fear. What I do when Im stressed is to cool down and think happy thoughts or my favorite things. No, were not singing Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes. Snow flakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes. Though thats a good way to startThe Sound of Music, both movie and literally ~music~ will relax our minds. Im not saying forget your problems, what Im suggesting is think again.

As much as I love being unpredictable, here are my surefire list of things (NOT PEOPLE) that turn my frown upside down:
ü  Dinner for breakfast & Breakfast for dinner
ü  Booksfresh/old, hardbound/paperback, in all forms/genres/sizes
ü  Soup & Pizza
ü  Apple Gadgets
ü  Losing(ONLY) fats/weight
ü  Handwritten letters (ooohhh I didnt mean you to calligraphy the alphabet)
ü  Cute & cheesy gestures (every once in a while please)
ü  Long conversations
ü  Getting commissions for doing my passions
ü  Acquiring or getting better with my skills and talents (Level Up!)
ü  Vacation
ü  All expense paid shopping
ü  Long romantic walks
ü  When someone doesnt check their phone while talking to me
ü  When people dont take their selfies every 5 minutes.
ü  Bubble Bath and massage
ü  When my skin is tip-to-top flawless & hair is shiny and smooth
ü  Tapping my calculator (without the pressure to find an answer)
ü  Creative photo shoots (especially when they are XDEAL)
ü  Earning someones trust and respect
ü  Ballet
ü  Theater shows
ü  New itemsClothes, makeup, groceries, books, pillow, bag, etc
ü  Having a new memory card/ bookshelf or anything that gets me excited to fill with space and memories
ü  Magazines
ü  Having a cleaned room
ü  Neat interior design
ü  Bulk of cash and steady income
ü  Graduation
ü  Office supplies
ü  Hugs from the people I love
ü  Free makeovers?
ü  Runway shows
ü  TV series MARATHON with sisters
ü  Childhood TV Series > Modern Series
ü  Travelling a foreign country
ü  Having the immigration stamp my passport :>
ü  Story-telling
ü  Deep but most importantly sensible conversations I said A while ago long. Add this up!
ü  Having relatable moments with people
ü  Having fansfan letters, tweets, email, presents!
ü  Receiving calls that I got accepted (for the part any part will do)
ü  Reaching the peak of the mountain
ü  The rare moments I adore roller coasters
ü  Hot/chilled coffee or chocolat chaud
ü  Reading or recalling a few memories from the past
ü  Sleepovers at cousins place &pillow fights
ü  Succeeding (not just reaching) my goals
ü  Influencing others for the betterment of the world

ü  OHand personalized items!

My happiness is not permanent at all, sometimes it stays for a minute and gone the next. What I ought to sustain that happiness is to pursue inner peace with myself. From that list, I pondered that equal desire for respect, timing, fun, and trust with proper implementation will make the feeling lasting. See that doesnt feel so bad. Until the next postcheese be with yah!
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