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One of the reasons why my posts are delayed is because I’ve been doing some unwinding. Notice my Instagram has been “cru cru” lately. In line with that is series of upgrading my modeling skills in all levels—runway, fashion, print, and commercial.  Recently I was in a rush to update my portfolio because my photos are way, way back. I need to refresh my ideas if I still want to be part of the industry. Of course castings or go sees is the first step before getting projects. Without further ado, the purpose of this post is to share you my most random thoughts about my modeling insights from my experience (so far!) This is also a work that has been pinned on my vision board. Most people don't respect models because they don't know the sheer reality of being one. The most important quality you have to possess is you have to respect yourself! Hope this information will create a wonderful impact in your life.           


TOP TIPS from the Mademichelle
       1.  Know how to spot a SCAM!
Thing is, you need not to pay anything. This link will tell you whatnot!

       2.  Portfolio Matters
As a starter, it’s not required to submit your photos in most go sees but then the reason why you need a portfolio is to practice your poses, upgrade your skill, know your strong and weak points and have an online representation or compilation of your works to provide clients with your style!

       3.  Ask Someone what they Know
Have a friend who’s a model, blogger, or celebrity? Have a friend who’s close with their idol (as a fan)? A relative who works on a network or showbiz? Ask them questions and share them your vision but don’t take this easy way. Most of them won’t provide you hand-in-hand info. You’ll have to earn your way to it!

       4.  Get Ready for Rejections/Criticisms
Face it—the probability of getting rejected is higher than being accepted? Sure, there are tons of opportunities out there but it doesn’t mean you’re meant for it (not to disappoint you folk). How do you deal with this situation? Say yes to every opportunity even if they’ll say no. Word of caution though, always research if their project is safe. Regarding criticisms be strong and confident with who you are. Expect that most will be talking about the most superficial things.

       5.  It’s not a Competition!
Growing up with watching America’s Next Top Model, of course I always thought it’s always about having booked the most fashion shows, getting the best photos every week, not trying not to fall apart when everyone sees you as threat, and pouring tears of happiness when Tyra tosses you the million dollar cash or proclaims your triumph. In reality, the competition is yourself—how will you handle your schedule, the dreadful commute, the diet and exercise program, and your personal life too? How will you outgrow your modeling career from your previous works?

Bottom line, it sounds like you need a ton of cash before you become one professional model but I highly recommend you to spend less money but exert more effort. If you are to splurge money, be it because you’re paying for a freelance photographer/supporting a friend and not because you want to change your body for any kind or matter. Nonetheless, get out of there (your choice if 1. You plan to schedule your next go see or 2. Of the situation if it's unbearable for you)! Be happy and comfortable with yourself. Show charisma and professionalism!


Do I need to be 5’8 or less than 100 pounds in order to be a model? No. Basically the “standard of beauty” has been changing every now and then. It just happens than in today’s society, people have a different fetish—normal qualities they can’t have. So they send people (with these qualities) as models to be someone we could “look up to.”
            The basic height for runway is 5’5. For commercial, you need a flawless face for a good start; Positive energy to maintain your pace. Anyone can do print! All of these, however, require you to have a perfect set of teeth. With a girl’s hair length, it’s recommended to keep it long so that any stylist can create a variety of looks.


            Hey, I hope I made no outstanding exposé whatsoever about the industry—it’s fun to be a part of it! My thoughts and intentions are clear—it’s great to be a model. The models I meet are genuine and kind. We share the same frustration, struggle, and we sympathize and support each other along the way.
            Always be kind and patient if you are planning to venture into modeling. You never know that you might meet the same makeup artist or designer at another project. Most importantly who knows who in the industry.  
Being a model is useless if you aren’t a real role model. You are an instrument people would look up to mostly in your power to influence about your beautiful personality. More than receiving tons of free clothes/ shoes/ gadgets from fans or clients, more than traveling for free to see the world and pose for your legacy, more than all the "superficial things" people believe modeling is actually inspiring people. 
So what’s an Accounting student doing at a runway, ad, tv, blog, and magazine? Simple—it’s also business!

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