Letter to Future Self

Dear Future Self (est. 30-40 something Michelle),

How unfair is it that youre Living the Dream while me and my past self (we) are struggling to get where you are? Kidding aside! Still, you cannot deny the fact that we are growing in envy curiosity about how much money you make in a day, what kind of lifestyle do you have, who youre still friends with, and most importantly the family you spend time withis there a man, a ring, kids? I hope not soon, though. At the moment theres no man Im dating, still carat-less and delightful to still be the baby of the family. Its a long way before we get to the part when we celebrate ourselves as an icon; I know for a fact that youll be a Big Thing (NOT literally huge.) Of course wed still love pizza as main course and soup as an anti-depressant food.

Perhaps one day youll look for me or the past and wish you have all that I havemy days, my youth, my energy, my enthusiasm, and my people (the support group I have now, because I dont know if one of them will be witnessing your success or still be breathing by that time.) People think Im vague with my dreamsI want to be an Accounting graduate with a CPA license, but I love to write in a magazine and also model a few covers on a different magazine. Dancing is my hobby, but Im also training my vocal chords also for profitable use or expense for the inserting coins at the karaoke. Is it bad that my only long-term goal is having a roof to shelter me through hot and cold? Thing is, the rest of my life is ahead of me and as much as Ive been praising God for giving me talents, is another desire for me to acquire more skills of the same or unrelated kind. Depending on what the future holds, sometimes I think that even though Im gifted, Im still pennilessif you could send me some money via airmail, that would be great, thank you! As someone exploring what I want is another version of myself immersing myself with independence but still with parental consent. Pretty darn scary to do things all by myself for the first time but its also rewarding. Going back to my pointI have no long-term plans (in order for me to not disappointing myself) but I am committing myself with my God-given skills and short-term goals. Until the day comes where I find myself on the crossroad of becoming "One Thing that Defies Me" I will not let anything or anyone dictate what I can become.

One day, I hope youll need my help. Not for vanitys sake, but because we understand each other the way no one else could. Don't be afraid to look for me, ask for my help, or for what I can offer. I'm giving you my 101%. Don't be ashamed of my mistakes or our past outrage; we're imperfect and still trying to overcome our best version. Please become someone I aspire to becomea confident, kind-hearted, strong woman with a sense of humor and a bulk of paycheck. One quality you have is your undying support for the people you love, so will you support me for my crazy ideas? Who knows it could be converted into legal tender. Again, kidding aside. In spite of your overflowing supply of cash-on-hand and cash-in-bank, I hope you remain humble to your character, wish you could give back to the community. Considering that money wont teach people how to fish, youre the kind of person wholl share your skills and insights instead. Thats good! All for sure well have a constant faith with God and within ourselves.

Its all for youmy past self has received numerous amount of struggle and so shes my inspiration to gain recognitionfor you! Im already proud of you but I know that you are utmost thrilled to have us within your timeline. My prayers are always about you and about the things and people we love.

With loving respect,

Mostly Present and Past Michelle <3
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