Embracing Scream of Silence

Hello Scream of Silence, a.k.a. 18 year old Tami!
Today I see myself on another picturea talented girl with screaming fans and supportive loved onesstill single! The goes to you too for we are only one person. Honey, dont feel bad about being single. Embrace it! Forget what others say regarding you are unloved and lonely when you arent in a relationship. Dont feel dictated by others to stay if you dont feel the guy either. One way or another, your instinct will prove itself right.

Baby girl loving, caring, and understanding yourself is not pathetic but nurturing. You are now in a situation where your character is put to test and people are eyeing on you even if youre not in the spotlight radar. So many people left you, but remember who stayed. Chasing them should not be a choice if it were to get their approval. At some point youll see the need for solitudefear not, because your independence is in your pocket. When you are solely depending on yourself, youll discover courage along the way. Be fully aware that rumors dont necessarily speak the truth nor declare the kind of person you are. Baby, you are sweetyou think about others first before yourself you care for these people even after hurting you; you are talented and beautifulwhat you have on the inside outshines your appearance, and thats what makes people coming back; you are also mature and forgivingit doesnt matter to you what kind of person they are or how they treated you before. For you believe that people can change for the better sometimes they dont even know what they are doing. Help them! Guide them! Plus, youre smartDeans Lister ehemand clever! What you have is what others dont have. Above all, the things you cant be as a person dares to find who she is and who she can be.
Right now, I commend you with the highest medal of strength and dignity. A hug from me would also be genuinely comforting. You will learn more as you progress. Let go and express! Value your experience for you are a strong person. Criticisms and rejections more to come but remember youll succeed anyway. Be consistent with your efforts and committed with your passions. Make them regret turning you down.

Tami, you are worth every pain and understanding and love of the world. Ill keep fighting for you.

Hugs and kisses,

Me (Your Dream Self)
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