You might probably be wondering what the heck happened to my “Anything Goes” and “Sunday Reflections” posts. Might sound anti-commitment of me; my recent posts may seem to go without a flowing consensus. Call it junk if you can. Dare you to finish reading this post and call it junk the second time if you’re unsatisfied.

In this feature post, I will not be summarizing anything that happened in this blog but something that occurred in my life.

Lately I’ve been soul-searching—what do I want, what do I need, who am I, what can I do? More than those tons of question anyone could ponder before they sleep, it’s the kind of search that lets me wander in various packs of people not knowing where I’ll be landing.  That kind of spontaneity anyone would love to try sporadically. The past months have been a blur due to inevitable circumstances. Thought it was over but depression came back for me (of all things, right? You’re not welcome!) It got worse when I felt no longer beautiful or useful. First, there aren’t enough photographers to book for a photo shoot with. Second my body gained heavily out of luscious snacking. Sometimes my body felt not ready to have its picture taken. So does my smile not willing to come back in a matter of weeks.

No goals are set. Blog notebook = untouched. Blog page filled with virtual cobwebs. A basic human being who makes countless mistakes. It’s more pathetic now that I’m sharing the story but in my head I’m trying to picture myself less of it.

Fret not; I’m back in business! Right now I’m on a journey of self-improvement. I conquered mountains, heartache, and self-loathe. Even getting back in shape! With prayers and support from my loved ones, the load feels a bit lighter. Also, I’ve enlisted myself to weekly modeling classes to boost confidence. So the next time anyone sees me, the sex appeal is undeniably on fire. Many blessings are coming. Not sure when depression will leave me alone but I won’t let it eat me like cancer.

Still, I’d grab the opportunity to thank you all for journeying with me through this blog. Noticed every week that my page views are high knowing that you guys are anticipating for my posts. Sincerely thank you. Let’s celebrate through thick and thin (like the pizza crust!)



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