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Sounds familiar? Yep. The motto of hell. This is what one unfortunate soul will read as they enter the gates of hell through the river of no hope. This might also be the motto of UST-AMV College of Accountancy (AMV). 

With a span of six semesters, I have gained expertise not only in the field of Accounting but also wisdom from obtaining the title. Let me share to you what it's like to be one of us AMVians. Sit back and listen the less gullible Michelle with her "venting frustrations" turned life lessons in AMV.

Apologies for the delays... supposedly posted a few months ago but I realized it's the right time to share you my final thoughts.

 Never play safe
Every semester is a blank slate—a slot or a qualifying ticket of any student to study at AMV. Whatever your year or program is, there is no easiest sem. My friend Rochelle* told me that her family applies for a plane ticket on a vacation six months before the trip. This will allow her ample time to study hard for that semester so she could find her #chill at the right moment. Never settle for a “passing” grade. You’ll never know when the toughest lectures might come and you already played the “strengths” card on the table. Aim for the best since you’re at the best accounting school in the country.

  Everyday is an investment
Cramming is not an effective study habit if you want to last until being handed over a college diploma at. A professor, Ian*, believes that AMVians are smart but the system is smarter. It gets tougher each year and more challenging to stay in AMV. Lessons are run in a swifter pace than most schools that offer Accounting program too. As the top 1 performing school in Accounting, AMV wants every student to know that each day is enough for a student to absorb all lectures. Easier said than done, get up and solve at least 10 problems per course in a day.

 Don’t be Clingy in College
The adage saying “there is no forever” stays true at AMV. Your block mate might not appear on next semester’s class list for several reasons: a.) a re-sectioning according to Last name, b.) a re-sectioning according to Grade Weighted Average, c.) S/he transferred, d.) s/he has to repeat the subject, e.) late enroll, and the worst f.) s/he got debarred because her/his grade didn’t “make it.” It’s okay to meet everyone to widen your connections but it’s rarely seen that people keep in touch sem after sem.

It’s more on what you do outside the classroom
More than the four-hour (or ten-hour) stay at the halls of AMV, AMVians almost use the library overnight. From photocopying all sorts of review materials to vigorous tapping of manual calculators to also rereading their textbooks, AMVians are used to these kind of routine. Others compromise their organizations to keep up with their academics.

      Lastly, PRAYING TO GOD is not just a worship technique but a practice done everyday by AMVians. Praying is not only asking Him for miracles but thanking Him for all the strength and integrity you have. Also it's likely to figure out problems through series of reflection. How do you think we survive all the semesters?

     The biggest dilemma one can face in Accounting is when you do not understand the problem. Next is when you have no strategy to solve or fix it. Same is true with life.

Bottom line, everyone deserves to choose, to study, and to learn. Only a few have what it takes to become.

This might seem overdramatic. In my mind I let not these tradition cloud my fears but gather up my courage to reach the hailed graduation. My financial coach said that, “What you do in college is the exact reflection of what you’ll do in real life.”
*Names been changed.

**Some professors or management decision.

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