Don't Enroll at AMV (Mini Article)

Inspired to write this post based from some AMVIAN’s complains about college life. This blog is not intended to destroy (the reputation) of UST-Alfredo M. Velayo College of Accountancy or demote the college, but to equip every outsider what it’s like to be one of us. Just like what Assistant Professor German said, “No matter what you do, you cannot fully explain to anyone how difficult it really is to be an AMVian. (Kahit anong gawin mo, hindi talaga nila maiiintindihan kung gaano kahirap dito sa AMV.” This will at least give anyone a grasp on the college culture we have at AMV, and to further help one in choosing a University for an Accounting Major.

1. If you want to fill your college life with extra-curricular activities
            Depending on your hectic schedule, most college events are timed during your class (one course, if you’re lucky.) In case you are an event manager, sometimes you won’t be excused for being absent** or from activities/ seat works.

2. If you don’t want to invest on books
            Believe me, there’s a high probability that your professor gets his mock quizzes on Accounting books for review purposes. If you want to understand each mini topic in Accounting, then you have to solve as many related problems in that area. Buying thick books from each course is vital even if the college requires you not to do so.

3. Unless you want constant anxiety, headache, sleepless nights and confusion
            My friend Pi* said, “AMV looks like a mental institution, literally.” Phase one: A six half-day schedule per week without a break normally. Phase two: Professors demand you to grasp their fast-paced lectures as soon as possible. They expect you to have an idea about the lecture before coming to class. Phase three: Quiz week coming all at once, bombarding your schedule. Phase four: Each lecture is cumulative. So if you forgot or failed to master the previous lessons, here goes an ice pick. Just kidding.

4. Especially if you don’t have accounting background
            Back 2014, I remember being at my sophomore year in college taking my first basic Accounting. To myself I thought, “Well I aced Business Administration courses. Accounting is easy peasy.” Bookkeeping? What? It’s easy, I collect books, so what’s difficult about that. After a semester, I repeated the subject because I didn’t reach the grade I need. Still surviving though. Never underestimate accounting students or terms!

5. There is no guarantee that you will graduate on AMV

            When you surpass a semester, congratulations you have a ticket to enroll another time on an extra difficult level in AMV. It doesn’t mean you’ll stay there for long. I’ll break the news… you’re at the Debarment Capital in UST. Meaning, the Administration is used to eliminating students instead of improving their system or training their faculty. A depressing fact indeed!

            The biggest dilemma one can face in Accounting is when you do not understand the problem. Next is when you have no strategy to solve or fix it. Same is true with life.

Bottom line, everyone deserves to choose, to study, and to learn. Only a few have what it takes to become.
*Names been changed.
**Some professors or management decision.
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