Be Educated NOT Cultured

Have you ever felt uneasy to speak because you might offend someone; therefore, you resent the need to be silent? Or declutter and overanalyze the your actions so nobody could get hurt? Here’s the real question—why do you have to compromise or limit your actions when you can learn someone’s culture instead? Learn what’s acceptable or not, what is insulting or negotiable.

For example, it is impolite to poke your chopsticks vertically on your food or plate in Chinese or Japanese because it mocks the dead. Placing your chopsticks on top of your plate is not an excuse, too, for it gives bad luck to the host. In some countries being on time is being late. Others don’t accept peace sign as a symbol of tranquility; So on and so forth.

Now you understand how vital it is to have an idea of someone and on your own culture. Ask me, what is the thin line between being educated versus being cultured. With my best effort I will try not violate anyone’s right to practice a certain tradition but to simply inform that it’s happening around the world.

Culture is everywhere. It’s a certain practice, ideas, lived, and accepted done by a group of people. In your group of friends for example loves to hang out every weekend to bond with each other. In my group of friends, we catch up with our family or personal life after a grueling week at school. My own culture is before making a wish I’d close my eyes and cross both my fingers. These are just a few of many examples out there. It’s okay to be cultured but to only a certain point. Some cultures don’t evolve as they did before. Once in ancient Rome, long before the invention of toothpaste, people used human or animal urine to wipe out cavities and oral bacteria. Yuck right. Great thing that culture died, thanks to technological advancement and education.

Let’s go to the deeper part of this topic. As soon as the news flashed into my newsfeed tears went down. With this LINK  it mentions that after girls have their first period, their parents hire “Hyenas” to have sex with their daughters in order to “cleanse” their spirit and bring good luck to the entire village. Take note, these “Hyenas” or hired men inherited HIV. Science will elaborate several dangers of sexually transmitted diseases. The good news at the moment, this custom has been taken into action by African government and UN.

What’s the solution? Be open-minded in accepting people’s culture and at the same time increase knowledge by spreading education as much as possible. Being aware of people’s certain practices tells what kind of person you are. It says that you respect individuals or groups no matter how different you are with them. When you do that, you’ll be surprised to discover yourself within others.
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