Mother Knows Murder

         What a controversial title!
         Originally, this post is a fictional story set in 2050 where a handsome teenage male writes about the story of his mothers successhow she killed her way through it. In the end, the guy turned out to be my sonway to describe a non-existing future baby right? The post never persisted on February this year to July. Now that I settled info finally bugging you guysagainevery Sunday, why not start to where it ended?

         Picking up the pieces from moms depart established series of thoughts and recollection of ideas, memories, conversations, and moments. With this, Id like to share you something special based on these ruminations.

         First, her Tip to Top Tips (what?):
1.    Go for Au Naturel, or the natural alternative.
One time shes giving me face massage when she actively fulminates on the bumps from my nose area. She mentioned that, You shouldnt be applying too many products on your body since they are manufactured with harsh chemicals. Most of the time, their company will make you feel insecure with your already pretty face in order for you to purchase their productsa bundle even! Anything can be solved by coconut oil, baking soda, milk, and mist!
2.    Be a Living Example!
Enough venting out your complains about the imperfect world. Be part of the solution by becoming a role model to everyone who you inspire. Dont force them to like you but remind yourself to love and accept these things in return.
3.    Share what youre comfortable with The World
Expect that when you say something, even with one person, it will pass on to another. Words spread because thats how it works. Even when you trust a few people or none at all, continue to express yourself but only to the extent that the public has to know.

         Authenticity breeds nobility. Your character on how you view yourself and the world can reflect your worth. In conclusion to everything:

4.    Less is More

Next is Mommy Lines based on Mood:
·      Michelle Bernice Evidente Tan! when shes furious
·      You need $$$ for a jeepney ride? Back in my days, I only have ten-centavo allowance. Sometimes I walk to school just so save money.”—when I ask money for transportation
·      Common sense! when I made a clumsy mistake
·      Chichirya/Jollibee na naman! when I crave
·      Pareho kayo ng paa ni Lucito (dad.) Bakit di ka nagmana sa akin?”—when she brags about her genes
·      Look at this hoodie, I got it for 100 pesos when its originally 900. SALE! when she got an excellent bargain
·      Meron yan sa States when I want something in the Philippines
·      Meron yan sa Pilipinas when I want something in the US
·      Youre so pretty anak. In the outside as well. Kung ako boyfriend mo liligawan kita araw araw, pero buti wala ka pang boyfriend. I love you my favorite bunso! what she says randomly
·      PRAY! when Im about to sleep

FINALLY, Id like to share a conversation we had:
Why do they hate me so much?
Theyre just jealous!
I dont think so. When I dislike someone, its because of his or her personality. Maybe they found something odd about meso strong to despise.
AHH, but you are not like most people. You are you. What makes you special is you choose to be genuine no matter what. Your character speaks more class than all the gold in the world could afford. Its one of the many qualities you have that they could never posses. So they try to destroy it.

Never understood how she connected with my past encounters until one of her close friends shared to me recently that she experienced the same thing too. If given the time to travel to the past, Id embrace young Marita and told her the same things she passed on to me.

         Before my final thoughts (for this post), I just want to shareyay Im back! 2017 will be more promising. Quality photos and even carefully crafted blogs to come; crossing my fingers. Sorry it took so long to write this entire blog and for you to wait for this to be published. Thank you for your patience in reading this post and for waiting for me during my hiatus.

As I write in my three-year old blogging notebook, I realize how much supportive my mother was in buying me notebooks and scrapbooks back in the days. This is the only notebook I felt committed to fill in every page and every gapno page left blank or unwritten. As I flip another page, I recall those days drafting my articles and lay-outing my blog from scratch (like a digital scrapbook). Reading through the pages feels like a prize, a link of memories from the past; how blogging made me stronger and braver. Every draft is a chapter with many private stories behind it.No one convinced me to document my works for the public; for that, my mom believes it's one of my bravest decision in life. Going back to the day when I wondered what kind of things Id write on each paper, my mom said to me that she bought the notebook for a dollar, and she bought instead of my favorite cheese pizza in Costco (were in Canada). The pizza word echoed, and I thought its a fair exchange even though Im starving.


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