This is my new life now.
There is
No going back
Just moving forward.

Never dictate your life by living
In the present.
All the people, the culture, the routine, and the procedures
Of everyday
Will someday be
Just a milestone.
One day they are
The next day

For yesterday we were babies
Fooling around, cherishing play time
Eat, sleep, bathe, and stay cute.
A day we woke up at middle school
When once we thought
The bullies are forever
AND then we faced high school
Where puberty is either karma or revenge.
Then we realized that there are
bigger bullies in life.
What we ought to do is
fight back and be strong.
A glimpse of the real world
when we experience college.
Here, we don't pick what we want
most of the time.
We just have to adapt with 
our environment,
set goals and reach for the skies!
What we think we can
we become...

Everyday we are a step closer
To becoming the person we ought to be
our best versions.
Still, I thought
Yesterday is infinite
But as days pass
One thing is forever
That Ill keep missing the past
But I cant stay in it any longer.

Today I am changed.
Undergone procedures that honed me for today
And will insist on evolving for tomorrow.

This is my new life now.
A caterpillar once carried a heavy burden
Whilst crawling for its life
Is now an unstoppable creature:
Trusting its wings wherever life

Gets me to.

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