Hope for the Sky

Dearest Daughter,

         Her love is gold. His heart is a treasure. Together they make the perfect chest.

         Good day darling! You might not exist today but I know someday you will, and with great patience I offer you this letter. By the time youve read this letter perhaps I may or might not be beside you; Thats alright. All I want to say is let me love you everyday for the rest of your life. I know that someday you might want to love someone else, too. This is why I shall give you my utmost support.

         Love is the most paradoxical thing in the world. When you see yourself in the situation or in between two lovers Id like you to pause. Of course there is someone who loves you and there is someone you love. For most cases, the one who loves you is the perfect match. He can win anyones approval in a snap. The one you love is someone hopeless the underdog. The one many would simply reject. One day youll be facing a decision of a lifetimewhich between the two. Unlike any parent out there, I will not force you to choose the one I find great but Im going to let you choose the one you love. Every parent wants the best for their child. What I think is best for you is when youll learn how to love, to stand up for your decisions, to learn from your mistakes. Choosing the one you love will help you discover yourself. It will help you become real towards what you want in life and in love; what your needs are, how to become a better partner, and how to make room for chances. If youre asking me why Im not in favor of the former, well the answer is simple: you might live in a comfortable life being loved but not peaceful to your own heart. Im not suggesting that you will not be happy with the one who loves you but I dont want you to stay in the same situation everydayhow do I learn to love this person? Learning to love someone else is sacrificial and brave but until when will you hide in your shell?

         In case you find yourself in the state of a broken heart by choosing the man you love, Ill be here for you. Ill wake up each night to make sure youre doing great. Ill wipe your tears and let you know you did everything you could to save a relationship. Ill let you know that you are loveable and if there is one person on earth whod love you forever, let it be mom. Your happiness will be my priority. Your worth is not depreciable. I love you. One day youll wake up whole again and ready to love If you think youre ready to love again, remember that your love is golden. A treasure is hidden in someone elses chest. Choose the one youd want to love, laugh, and forgive all over again!

         Hope for the best for you. Im sure youll meet the right gentleman for you.


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