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You don’t hear this everyday so listen up.
Most questions I get from my email regarding my Portefeuille Page says a lot about the Millenials. Tough one I’ve heard, “What are your blogger tips to aspiring bloggers? Do we have to wear branded items to stand out? How do you afford your closet?” Okay, if you’re one of my close friends you’ll know that my investment is mostly on good quality underwear, footwear, and makeup/skin care. Clothes? It depends.  My answer: Invest on your skills, commit to your blog, and grow your audience. You’ll stand out with passion and patience (not just with the clothes you wear). Be authentic. Personally I believe in myself more than my clothes. Great fitting is everything! Pick something that matches your skin tone, body type, and personality. Know your limitations (that counts your budget/wallet!) Plus, BUY an awesome camera with an aspiring photographer as you are.

If I were as rich as The Kardashians, I would still rather support my friends’ own line of business than pour my cash at the mall. Nothing against known clothing lines, all I’m saying is they’re just clothes—they will not defy your worth but they will only give a hint of your personality and mood.

The girl who wears clothes bought on line. Usually from I extend my support from friends and family by promoting their Instagram shops too.

Why do we boast branded items on social media and feel shy about local shops? Why not brag online brands too? Most importantly, why do we stash out so much on items we’d only wear once? Is it really vital to buy expensive items every once in a while?

Only the last one is not a rhetorical question. With your capacity, you can reward yourself with an item (or gadget) you’ve been saving up from a long hard work and success! It’s okay to reap some amount of cash from your savings if it’s a planned shopping session. Go treat yourself. Other than that lay your “Just Say No” Card.

            When buying clothes I ask myself if I want to wear it more than five times in a year. If the answer is yes, then check out the counter. If not, then why must I spend money on expensive clothes. Given that I’m an accounting student, most people are expecting me to stretch my budget as a primary example among the youth. Knowing that it’s not practical and aware that it’s a blogging mainstream to give in to such practice, I shifted my own view from the norm—against the current.


            At the end of the day when one looks at our picture, they see the person behind it—your classy persona. When we die people don’t say, “She wore H&M head to toe like a diva. They remember your legacy on how you supported your friends and loved ones.”

Look: Salmon dress by The Pink Store | Gray Cardigan by HuffMNL (via Instagram) | Mary Jane Heels by Gibi | Floppy hat by Uni Qlo

Shot by Ana Maria Ramos



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  1. Such a pretty dress love the way you styled it.
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  2. Wow you look so beautiful!! Love the dress! :)
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