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Blogging has been a part of my system for two and a half years now.; nothing "routinary" though. I keep adapting and learning from The Millennial and listening to my own vibe as well. There were times when I am exploding with ideas—most occur planned, some occur at 1 a.m., some pop out of the box while commuting at the LRT, some are inspired from my daily activities in the University and College of Accountancy. There are also encounters, however, when I am bombarded with schedules—dates (and I mean the calendar) such as events and school activities. Today I’ll reminisce on the great times I had over the years.

After 2.5 years of launching my blog is a series of rollercoaster stories and encounters Ive been through successfully. Id love to share some of the questions regarding my blog and my life as of today!

What is your favorite food? Your Instagram is mostly about food.
Since I was three, I have been infatuated with Don Henrico’s Buffalo Wings Chicken. It’s an Italian Restaurant located at West Avenue or T. Morato. You can also find other branches at SM MOA, Baguio, and others. I brought my friends to the place. It’s a must try!

How do you find inspiration on what to write your blog?
Believe it or not, there’s inspiration in everything. I love to write about the things mostly unnoticed or barely mentioned. I love writing articles, stories, poetry, essays and I love talking about experiences, interesting topics, love, God, rejection, success, and fashion. Also, I love modeling. So yeah… I compiled everything I love here.

Describe yourself.
I’m clever and observant. I’ve been through a lot, which makes me brave and strong. Beyond that, I’m amazing. People say I look beautiful (on the outside) but to me, it’s more on the inside.

What do you do when you just had an awful day or just feel melancholy?
One habit of mine is to write letters. I write a letter to myself expressing all the negativity. Later I write another letter expressing my dreams, happy thoughts, and everything that keeps me happy. Sometimes I talk to someone I trust and vent out my emotions. Also, I buy my guilty pleasure food—Cookies n’ Cream Ice Cream or Four Cheese Pizza. Exercise is an option if the feeling is raging in furiousness and stress.

What is the back-story of your blog title?
It used to be titled “MICHELLE” but then I remember not wanting to be called by that name so I dig deep to know what best describes this blog and my purpose in life. One odd morning, my sister, Joan, were listening to 90’s music and we sang along the tunes. Until there was a specific song “Last Thing On My Mind” by Steps, where it occurred to me dual meaning “lasting on my mind and last thing on my mind.” Either way, no blog on earth would have that name so I claimed it. On April 2015 something wrong happened to my original blog, that I made this new one and changed it to “SCREAM of Silence.” I realized that it was already a rock band and didn’t want to be sued for anything. That’s why I reverted it back to LTOMM.

What is the real story why you blog?
October 2013, I was a major fanatic of L.A. Aguinaldo. Originally this blog is to access his blog but then it became an outlet of creativity. With major stalking I found his cousin, Nicole’s blog and was inspired to improve mine. With major goals, I persist to own one that would represent me when I’m not beside someone who needs my presence.

What are your goals as a writer?
LOTS. First I want to improve on my writing, to find my voice and style as a writer. Second, I wish to learn more on writing and how I'd be able to adapt in different genres. Third, I hope to be featured on major magazines locally and internationally. Fourth, I aspire to have my books published in a million copies world wide and translated into different languages. Fifth, a theme-park or amusement park inspired from my own book collection that would make all the guys I once dated say, “Man, if I were still with her, my entrance could have been free.” Sixth, I want to transform the genre of TV Series and make all the guys I dated be addicted to Filipinos to learn and adapt a from modern kind of series. Seventh, I hope one day my books will become a movie not too bad to disappoint my loyal readers. Eight, I want to inspire someone so bad to the point that they want to inspire others too. SEQUENCE of these ambitions may vary.

How many semesters/units to grad? Any plans on pursuing Accounting?
Three more to go (hopefully.) My plan at the moment is to finish every semester with high grades or passing grades. That’s my goal until graduation. To gain a remarkable internship experience: one in Accounting and one in Writing are also a part of my bucket list.

Do you have any message from people who aspire to blog?
Welcome to the blogging community (take note, we’re a community not a competition.) The first thing you must remember in blogging is that “you must have a purpose” and “you must have something interesting within you.” Be consistent with yourself and your blog. Never blog if you want to get sponsors or you dream to travel around the world. Blog with quality. NEVER add up to the noise each day used by bloggers. Be committed. If you’re giving up too soon, think about how far you’ve made it through since the beginning. Are you willing to lose that enough? Blogging is exciting—you’ll meet new people and discover yourself as you go through your journey.

With that being said, I hope you gained something from me. I wont stop blogging, I wont make any excuses to ditch this website. TUNE in next month for another exciting journey with me!

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