Abandoned but still alive!

ONE... Can you hear me?

I'm calling out for your name. There's no response.

I'm calling out for your name. There's no response.

I'm calling out for your name. There's no response.

I'm calling out for your name. There's A response.

TWO... Can you see me? Pitch black without a light... We're both scared but trying to unfold where we are. Unsure with the uncertainties we stick to each other. Holding on to him, saved by the Knight without an armor. Rescued again by a pit I once call where Death Rolls Exists... Not with crocodiles however. Twists and turns will left anyone confused, blinded, and shifted. That's what happened to him. Oh no, he's turning into something I didn't recall he could be... What if that's his disguise all along. Oh my I'm not saved. Oh shit I'm drowning!

THREE... Can you feel me? Worse than pain is not feeling anything at all. Worse than love is not caring. Worse than waiting is having your time taken from you when all along the prize ain't for you. Worst of all is you cheating... He can break me in pieces but having it all said, I've been disappointed with the others in my life. However he is the biggest disappointment because he broke my hope and aspect of view in love. If there's anything else I want in the world, it's not him anymore. It's myself. Despite everything, I can only renew what I have today. Still abandoned and trapped in this world, I'm trying to escape. Help me.


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  1. When the only hope that is left is in yourself after he shattered your visions about love :( is there no escape from the past?


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