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TODAY MARKS the official day of my twentieth year of existence—XX. Over the past birthdays, I always looked forward to what will happen with that significant age of my life. In short notice, I never really expected I’d turn twenty in a blink of today’s eye. A lot has happened from day 1 to day 7069 (yep I counted them all)—an evolution of a baby to baby-faced lady.

Would it be jinx if I mentioned my birthday wishes within the past years? Might only mention those that came true… True friends, self-worth, and success all thanks to this blog! At seventeen, I created a blog just to channel my inner thoughts. It wasn’t originally meant for something magnanimous. What happened is spontaneous—meeting people (photographers, agencies, editors, writers), managing a website (includes every detail of it), and  “struggling” with academics.

At eighteen and a half, I learned to speak French. For numerous reasons, staying classy, sophisticated, and sweet will remain on my vocabulary. Yet there are times that are not elegant; heck, I dislike being controlled by the society, being told what to do, how to look and behave. Time to be daring as being called by my inner cheerleader.  Show valorous and talent at the same time by communicating that confidence can outturn fear. At the nineteen years I lived being an introvert, I shall outlive another set of milestone by battling my energy from interacting with my thoughts and translating them into words or pictures. One day, I live like a princess, the next a rock star, then I become both!

One thing I promise—I will keep adapting with my environment but never with the personality I had since 1996. My blog will always be an outlet of creativity (and talent).

No Regrets,

Xx Mademoiselle Michelle xX

LOOK 1: French Dress by One Stop LCP Shop, Shoes by H&M

LOOK 2: Sun Dress by Forever 21

LOOK 3: Neutral Jacket and Black Leather Skirt by Forever 21

And that's a wrap (for now)! 

Shots by Rica Mabelle

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