I Won't ask for it

Hope is lost... Life is found.

The story of "There was Never an Us!"
For someone so selfish as him,
Who threw a diamond for a shiny rock.

Another reason why I trust no one,
is due to people Like you.
somehow you managed to trick me into
being Engaged with your charms...
that there is hope
and that you Care for me

My sweetest revenge right now is not to send you a love potion
rather a long-waited success.
someday I'd be my best version of myself
living the dream, breaking free
and somehow you're still achieving level ten
of your favorite game
perhaps you will have still been with
DISNEY, the girl you traded me to...
well, I still wish you the best.
I regret nothing
but giving you the chance to see
what kind of love you can have from me.
Diamond love.
My happiness is your biggest regret
one thing you can never be part of

I won't ask for it anymore...
let it be that you'd be childish
and choose to play games and fool around
test the waters
manipulate other girls
to fall for you
I'm sorry for you
because someday you'll see what you've lost.
rather today you know what you threw
but did not value
in the near future, you'll beg
or you'd see me happy
and there's nothing you can do about it
because you can only love me from a distance

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