How to Deal with the Haters you Meet Everyday

What defies hatred? In my own terms, hate is a principle of a person who is entertained by finding someone’s flaw and points it out on the fellow to make themselves feel good about it. Perhaps they might be bored, insecure, or simply strict with their way of life (they want things to work according to their “standards”) 

Haters come to your life not only to prune your reputation but to make sure you will feel insecure and unwanted (just like them.) They are everywhere. Be it your school security guard, school service conductor, fellow classmate or batch mate. Sometimes, fate challenges us by having them with us on our daily routine.

Fret not, because in a few seconds you’ll be enlightened that it’s not necessary to feel bad having them around.

Here are options. Choose wisely!
       1.    REMAIN THE SAME

Remain awesome. Ignore the noise. They don’t matter (to you) unless they have a specific quality that you love or they are somebody to look up to. Say, they are Mahatma Gandhi or Barrack Obama. If they aren’t worth anything, then their opinions are trash. When I asked my friend (who's a model and a celebrity) how he deals with haters, he said, "Don't mind them. They're not important."

       2.    TALK TO THEM

A mature move you can do is to consult them. Tell them what bothers you. This might sound vulnerable but it is actually a sign of courage. Who knows in the future you might tell someone how you stood up for yourself. Also, if the conversation is handled well, you might pick up things to improve on yourself.

       3.    ANNOY THEM

Step one—know what bothers them about you. Step two—enhance “that specific” quality. One of my friends told me that she has dozens of haters. A secret she told me, “piss them off more.” She told me that they dislike her because she’s kind, intelligent, and humble. With her wealthy background, I honestly think she’s very genuine for her age. She told me that one by one her haters became friends (who are secretly using her—social climbing) but she knew this tactic all along and shoo them all away. True story.


One of my personal encounters was when I was in first year in college. It was a different environment from my high school. The fact that I came from an all girl’s catholic school back then is not the mere excuse for these people to come. I had to transfer into a different block on my second semester in college because my first section was tormenting me. Anyway, so these block mates aren’t bait for my attitude back then. They enlightened me with some of my bad habits and I changed myself for the better. Little did I know I was having the same amount of hatred compared with my first semester block mates, that they actually thought of me as a competition—that I “was trying to be the best among the rest.” Moral of the story: I strived so hard to be accepted by people who didn’t even saw my worth. Now they are completely gone in my life. I’m happy that I refused to listen anymore from them…that I must lower my standards and stop being better just to please them.

 I survived because I have a vision, a goal that keeps me going, a plan on how to get there, and the discipline to help get me through. No matter where you are or how many are they, keep in mind that it’s your decision in the end that will keep you steadfast in this encounter. Know that even if you have your loved ones supporting you, time will come that you would have to face them alone. If you think you’re defenseless, you’re not.

            I’ve dealt with “haters” for the longest time—since elementary to my second year in college. Today, my haters belong to one island called The Past. They aren’t getting anywhere, though. One thing, I know do not belong to my future because they aren’t part of my everyday.

Celebrate instead, to your dedication to move forward and to this encounter. Not everyone can go through this stressful process successfully in life. So for anyone going through this process, I pray for you. If you don’t have anyone to talk to with, you can talk to me. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Someone will surely listen. No matter what you do, never please them. Never resent to vengeance and never let go of yourself. Believe in yourself. Trust that you can get this over with. One day you’ll wake up without having the need to see them everyday. That’s the day when you realize how far you’ve made it, how brave you are as a person, and what kind of person you truly are—an amazing winner.


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