Chess to Chest

            Before you can even say—hey there’s another hair-tossing session initiated by yours truly, allow me to thank each one of you for your continuous support on my blog. Celebrate today because she’s finally queen! 


            Everyday is a chess game played by everyone, but championed by a few. It follows one simple rule: Those who act recklessly are doomed and those who give up too easily are bound to lose. Point is, each move counts, you can't follow a simple strategy without having your own style and plan. At its commencement, we are given the same number of pieces, each with individual powers. Thus, we can only move one at a time or one after the other. Pawns. Albeit outnumbering its troupe, don’t be deceived by how weak they appear to be like. With limited power and movement, Pawns represent our potentials. They are among the other pieces given the opportunity to become someone—the rook, the knight, the bishop, and even the queen. This chance is given only to those who have what it takes—once they cross the “finish line.” It can’t be king, in spite of what history told generations about its power, the king is the weakest one of all. A pawn cannot turn into something weaker. Sorry not sorry king! Don’t sacrifice your pawns by voluntarily surrendering them to your opponent. Let them have you by storm. 

One small decision can affect the game differently. The key to Chess (and life) is strategy. The first time I encountered playing, my only strategy was to pretend that I’m plotting defeat but my real intention was to bore my competitor until they decide to sleep its way to losing (and then discreetly leave the premises, wink wink.) Touch move, a popular rule wherein you cannot change your decision once you touched the chess piece. There’s no backing out for our pawns.

The inevitable plight can destruct our determination to achieving and our prior thoughts can cause self-doubt. Celebrate by considering your potentials, because believe me you have plenty of them for sure. When you cross the finish line, remember that it’s not The End of the game yet, but the beginning of a new goal. Protect your king (yourself) always from people who try to attack you.

The others have the chance to come back to where they came from. This represents that no matter what your position or rank in life is, there will be moments where you have to return home. Perhaps it can also be sign of humility even with a well-respected capacity (profession.) Your Rook can advance forward and back, side-to-side but it cannot do what the Bishop is made for—to glide in slopes. The knight moves in an L not to lose but to Love (by fighting for its group) but it cannot move the way a Queen was vested with the Rook and Bishop’s combined powers. Okay I admit, it sounded cheesy at some point. Know the rules of the game in case your rival tricks you to unregister and withdraw from your goals.

You can win chess—you can succeed life. Protect your King and don’t sacrifice your pawns for your contender. Have a strategy and above all surprise your opponent.
Make small steps until you say,
“Checkmate—I win!”

P. S. I tried my best to imitate all chess pieces. Hope you guys noticed ❤︎

LOOK Off-shoulder dress by One Stop LCP Shop (via Instagram) | Classic White Chucks by Converse | Floppy hat by Uni Qlo

SHOT by Ana Maria Ramos



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