The Secret World of Modeling

Beyond the glossy pages of a magazine or the tarpaulin from a billboard is a person with a story. Most people wonder what her life is about and even aspire to be where she is right now. Models.
Why is it ego-boosting to know that your friends girlfriend, your cousin, our your classmate is one? What do they have that people want so badly? When is it right to say that she loves what shes doing therefore it was easy for her to earn her position in the industry? Or even shes tall with a pretty face, no wonder why shes in! Before we proceed with the details are the top five jargons no one really encounters everyday but models.

Key Terms

  •        Casting – audition 
  •            Set Cards/ Copy Book – portfolio of your best photos with contact number
  •       Test Shoots – when a photographer wants to try new ideas (new makeup, new equipment, new clothes or poses, or etc.)
  •        Go Sees – meet an agency or client
  •        Call Time – the time you need to be there (usually early morning).

Modeling Types
1     .    Commercial/ Acting
2     .    Fashion
     Includes: Runway, Catalog, Editorial, and Fit

3     .    Commercial Print
    Includes: Lifestyle, Corporate, Swimwear, Fitness, Lingerie, Glamour


  •        Height and Body Requirement—Most companies require this, I won’t deny. They want 5’5 and above with 23 inch waist. However, there are some who look for talent. The reason why most companies adore such measurements is because models are supposed to represent someone people would want to look up to. My alternative is to have a curvy body instead and to live healthy. People love curves and talent too.

  •       Being a model is glamorous—No it is not! You have to wake up early morning for some test shoots. Probably at the afternoon is a list of go sees from different agencies. Next day you have a runway in the evening—and still you have a 9 am call time. Note that it is vital that you must have good skin and a huge amount of energy left.

  •       Posing is easy—depends on the team you are in. Some clients will give you a few instructions on how they want your poses to be and then it’s your strategy to give them your best shot. Some shout at you for being weak. Some will want you to do ridiculous poses. While you are doing this, note that they are critiquing your work in front of you. No there aren’t any mirrors during the shoot, so you won’t see how you’re doing.

         ΓΌ    Models don’t get to see all of their raw images—THIS one is true. Most of the time, the client will only give you three of your best shots out of the fifteen (usually) frames. And when they give you a copy, it’s edited. You don’t get to see your poses in which you think is better and which ones you need to improve on. Life.

In modeling, you have ONE OBJECTIVE—to sell the product, and then you might later dare to try branding yourself with or separately from the company.

How to sell the product/ How to pose
      ·      Know Thy Client—Who are you posing for? Who are we selling to? What kind of poses do they like—tamed, sweet, sexy, or neutral?
      ·      Brand Yourself With The Product—If you are promoting your hair, make sure it stands out among the rest. If the editor thinks you can sell not only their product but also some of your clothes, accessories, and makeup, then job well done!
      ·      Communicate with the Photographer—It’s simple as 1,2,3 where you can both get the shot or lose your slot in the industry. Trust him or her that she knows the best angles and lighting as long as you also give your best look.
      ·      Be Mindful of your Angle—usually the most awkward body parts on the photos are your eyes, hands/fingers, leg position, and neck. Practice at home to enhance your talent.

This is my perspective based from my experience. Some are also depicted from my friends’ experiences, while a few from noted models themselves. Models are also humans. We have stories to tell. We are silent about our point of views unless our opinions will promote the sales of a product. That is why we discreetly tell our story on every image captured on us.

Over all, there is more than just telling a story or selling a product. Modeling captures one-way communication from the model to its audience. What you interpret depends on how you perceive the story.
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