If I have a superpower, most likely it would be teleportation (because I wanna save people, energy, and money!)Having this superhuman ability is illegal from faking your documents (A.K.A. your mysterious whereabouts) while moving from habitat to another BUT also energy saving, SINCE transportation costs and day-to-night productivity will not be squandered. However, in this perfectly unfair world traveling by air is the fastest way you can get to your destination. Still, most consider “traveling” as a life goal. Navigating your way in an unfamiliar place is exhilarating and refreshing.  Seeing the world in a different perspective makes one think outside the box. Let’s count down my traveling reflections from five to one!


My five wisdom box (things I learned from traveling abroad) are about:

       1.    Respecting other’s culture.
Inside every tradition is a story. It’s their history, their identity. It’s what makes them unique—their practice keeps them intact with their ancestors and historical roots. I love knowing what makes my country the same and different with other nation.
       2.    Traveling takes you out from your usual life (including routine lifestyle)
Unload with ~responsibility and daily tasks~ by visiting an invigorating sight! There are loads to see, don’t limit yourself with Internet photographs. Explore and learn what makes virtual reality different with the real presentation.
       3.    … but it takes you inside a different kind of stress (Hello Culture Shock!)
EXHIBIT A: New currency, new language, new sort of food and drinks plus transportation to adapt, and new race to deal with. If not mistaken, include their lifestyle habits to name what you need to adapt in spur time. Societal view and law are a bonus!
       4.     You might have seen this in Tumblr: “First world countries are not measured with how much private vehicles they own but how the rich travel by mass transportation.”
       5.    Discovering who you are with how others live. Self-explanatory

Tip 1: Never travel just to shop or compare their malls with ours.

Next is top four next to visit (hopefully)
1. Korea—land of hair colors and fashion forward
2. New York—territory of the career-traffic and up to par art exhibits. Love to visit landmarks (from T.V. Series to food trips and museums)
3. Singapore—Never been here, I’m curious with how fast their trains are and how expensive taxi fares are.
4. Australia—got to see Koalas and Kangaroos. Stay away from beaches!

Now we move on to, my top three countries to revisit
1. Canada—great people, exciting locations, a promising adventure! Best place to practice my French.  
2. U.S.A. (Hawaii, L.A., San Francisco, and Las Vegas)—cute people everywhere (kidding aside); Great bargain for shopping, bulk servings for food, amazing atmosphere (including the scent of American detergent soaps)
3. Malaysia—Filipino-like hospitality.

Now we move on from my top two embarrassing experiences abroad!
1.    Canada 2013 “Escalator”
Imagine how ignorant was I with the rule “keep right if at halt, go left when in motion.” Not knowing this rule, I stood at the left beside my sister when all the other citizens were hissing, “excuse me” at me. I forced myself to walk a long way up just to keep my pride in spite of humiliation. Escalators abroad are three times longer than we have in Manila. Think about how unprepared I was that time. I waited at the next floor for my sister and my cousin and her boyfriend (Canadians)—however being bumped by the passers-by from the escalator. WEW.

2.    Los Angeles 2001 “Airport”
At five years old, innocent about the world, I was sitting at the luggage cart (push carts) rested along the walkalators (non-sloped escalators). I remember being dragged from one cart to another just to realize that it wasn’t my tote bag that I was seated on. I LOOKED Frightened by the old woman pushing the cart; At the exit, I ran towards the carousel and found that my mom was still waiting for our luggage. True story forgotten until today!

            Traveling is fun! From this testament, I conclude that I will not stop seeing the world, meeting new people, and connecting with other cultures. With this, I know that I’ll experience more traumas with escalators and trouble myself with foreign currency. As much as I’d love to travel solo, I say only when I’m ready. Anyway, as for you miss/mister, travel when you’re ready, too. Have the guts to see the world more than your comfort zone. It’s normal to feel uncomfortable at first, but when you get used to it (sometimes) you’ll realize that no matter how you don’t want to leave that country, there is no place like home.


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