Same Ground

1 a.m. thoughts
Where all I can think of
Everything in the past

This is the aftermath of loving
Someone whos afraid to commit
For the future
And the result
Of an unpredicted unfortunate event.

Photo by Rebecca Mock
My mind cannot grasp what happened
An hour ago it was built in a sturdy wall
Right now, I cannot hold on to the ground anymore
Dragged by the shaking and ongoing turbulence
Of the situation.
None can control this
Yet things cannot be explained by
Even after a long study and back ground
All our photographs,
Our books, our favorite bowl and mug,
Our bottle of vodka, our insane speaker and
The old PS2 we play with each otherGONE
And, you are too.
For today, We are not BREATHING the same air anymore
Nor do our hearts beat as one.

Drowned by my tears
Bitter and with resentment
Asking God to give me
Back everything I had.
Without even knowing what to do NEXT,
I wanted feel that there is hope
That everything can redevelope the way it was

Rejecting these extreme thoughts
I pondered,
If one truly someone,
Theyd keep them at their life
No change can shake them,
No force can divide them apart
For their choice keeps them
And their relationship remains.

Why are we afraid to say
I Love you?
Are you waiting for an accident to happen
Before you can express these words?
Your loved ones might be there physically
Not requesting for your love or care
Deep inquiring a favor:
Would you treat them the way
They deserve to be treated
As if it were their last (chance
To see each other)?

Nothing is at stake
Except being totally gone
In someone elses picture.

XX Michelle

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  1. Everything will fade away and we only realize their value once we lost them.

    1. Hey Jeia! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Yahh sometimes we know what people are worth, we just never expected losing them. I'm glad to still have met these sorts of people in life. They're meant to stick as a lesson for a permanent loss.

      Actually I was also talking about ~death~ here but in a metaphorical sense.


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