Recurring Thoughts (Ruminations to Future Self)

If I could travel through time, I’d ask my future self to teach me Accounting. That’s the biggest spoiler she could ever give me.

     ü  Note: These are thoughts that usually occur to my mind weeks before my birthday.

Common sense tells me that the best mentor I can have is myself (but not in a narcissistic manner, though.) Like there are certain things in life that only intrapersonal communication can make an ambiguous remark transform into clarity. What better way to understand things than have your future self explain them to you? I have so many questions for her.

With the same amount of wit we share, we’d probably revisit 16-year old me and slap her—Don’t choose accounting! Don’t befriend this person! Don’t submit your work to this company just because and so forth. Heck, what if the biggest regret we did were the smallest choices that made an impact. Whatever they are, it already happened and if it weren’t for those tiny mistakes, somehow I will never land to these recurring thoughts.

So much has changed within the past, but I never really changed who I am as a person—only transformed into a better version of myself that my past self could never imagined. Whatever my future self would like to whisper into my hear, I would gracefully accept.

There are many questions I’d like to ask her. Say how she manages to pay the bills and juggle her life? How she handles herself well around people (including perverts)? How she learned to climb through her success without reaching to the standard social and corporate ladder?

            Faith gives me more questions about my future self. Will my future-self still blog? Does she have a love life? Is she still the crazy kind of girl who dances even when people are halting her? Does she miss her 35-year old twin sister who only lives next door? Will she build her dream house, travel the world, stick to her values and remain friends with the people I now have? Is blue still her favorite color? Does her height and weight make her insecure? How much does she earn? How much tax does she pay annually? How much recognition does she get a year or compliments in a day? Will she clamor over the death of her enemies when she lands on her dream job? What are the things that matter to her by that time?

“My past self might be my prime source of strength and awareness whereas my future self is my hope. Together, they are my inspiration that my present self will serve both with honor and dedication.” The biggest gift I could give myself is becoming more than the generic 19-year old of this generation.

By the end of the day only one-thing matters—have I inspired someone to unleash their best potential today? With that question , even if my answer is “only myself,” it will make a huge impact to the future, I am sure of that.

My time-tested squad includes:
Future Tami—the one who knows what to do (and has been living the dream)
Present Tami will persist everyday and win!
Past Tami remains a legacy (of strength and perpetual kindness.)
Heck, I can’t be One Thing.

Time says so!

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