One Thing to Invest in College (other than mastering your program)

Resumé has one purposehire me! Unlike what most people assumed its for (bragging), it has to be written concisely and honestly. Prior my college education, no one told me that it is vital to start inputing experiences and skills (or start preparing my resume). No one told me that college is not only about what you are studying but also what you are doing. Investing on a resume is a habit one must possess in order to have better and wider job options.

Your resumé is an outline of your educational background, skills, and work experiences. It is your tool to brand yourself on the grueling unemployed job market. Here are my tips:
·      Having an organization is not enough to sell your resume.
·      Skills/Positions (in organization) must be related to your degree program in college
·      Adapt with your generation

·      Choose the company well the paradox is, later they will have either to choose you or not. Make an impression!
·      Join, inspect, and observe job fairs. Ask for your older friends their experience on how they got hired, etc.

As a friend, let me tell you that experience is not the sole basis to make yourself accountable. Necessary skills, training, and personality adds up to the overall factors in enhancing your future to possible crossroadssay landing on your dream job.
Below is my resume.

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