Midnight Memories

#TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow the delight and frustration of first generation technology. Belonging to the 90s Kid Era, I witnessed most first generation gadgets such as iPod, Xbox, Play Station, cellular phones, typewriters, and camera.

Polaroid Photography brought me back to what it used to becounting the number of films left, the red light flash exposure and aftermath to the eyes, and counting the memories into actual glossy paper. I remember as a child that we had to go to a store in order (AND wait for an hour) to develop the negative film and have my fingers stick with its sheet. The sharp edges also risk paper cut on my part. Anyway, it was goodfeeling that you dont know what you actually look like (how good or bad was the lighting, camera setting) until it gets printed. The beauty of Polaroid Photography is that its instantly printed.

After taking a good amount of forty photos, I realize the beauty of existing when "prepubescent" technology is being introduced to the world. Sure, it only took almost a decade now but with massive improvements, gadgets make it easier for us to be creative (at least in filtering and cropping.)

What #TodaysKidsWillNeverKnow is the beauty of collecting actual or non-digitalized photos and compiling them into albums. They will not know to recall on the memories while flashing each photos one by one at the palm of their hands. They wont complain about the bad lighting, red eye, or unnecessary shadows in the image. They will not buy another shelf as another stocking compartment for a photo album They will not randomly select photo albums at the comfort of their private homes and perhaps show them to their friends.

Dont get me wrong, I thank innovators who developed technology through the years the easier way of taking more photos and storing them digitally. The only problem I have is back up and privacy. For instance, years after the existence of Facebook, you will only remember that you uploaded such images soon after being thoroughly stalked by one of our Friends List. The humiliation of your old bath tub photo damage has been done.  Second point, lets be honest, who has the time to scroll one by one your photos in your one in a billion photo albums in Facebook?

Anyway, I suggest you to keep stacking real images at a photo album. Unleash your scrapbooking talent. If youre going through something tough in life, go through an old photo album of yours and reminisce the good old days.

 Photographed by Joan Beatrice Tan

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