If Spiders can Fly

Many aspire to be great or to possess infinite powers. Many dream of supremacy over others—to dominate, to manipulate, to reign over. Only a few have what it takes.

Spiders are venomous creatures. One bite can cost your life.
If they had wings, would it increase their external beauty?
Or provide abundance in power to their advantage?
Would it decorate an immaculate aesthetic with purpose?
Will it add up to fear or alert danger on the perspective of its prey?
Or will it not make a difference at all?

On one hand, not all creatures with wings can fly.
If so, think about how other birds born with wings with the inability to fly would react to spiders that can?
It’s not fair.
Good thing reality had balanced pros and cons over creatures.
PHOTO by Qinni art Tumblr

Twenty days—has it been so long to have these thoughts occur on my mind? It’s been twenty long days since spiders linger through my thoughts. Twenty days since I had these thoughts ponder out of curiosity. How come I know? It’s the day I began to felt fear again:

Love does things for reason that reason cannot understand. A major decision he made out of selfishness. The more I grew fond of him and missing him the more he resists. I guess it’s a chain reaction when you become weak at some point in a relationship. However, what I cannot comprehend is that why is he giving up so easily?  Have I trapped him in my web and he wants to escape—out of my life? What have I done to make him turn down on me like that? Maybe emerged too soon.

Silence has spoken.
When we haven’t
One thing  for sure is real—
I love you now
And you’ll forever have the biggest piece of my heart
Because with you, I am the happiest girl!
Without you, I can still stand on my feet
But live with an empty heart.

When I visited a church for the first time, I made a wish. At first thought I mentioned to have him to as my true love. With a clear thought and a selfless idea I said, “Lord I wish that he’d forget about me ASAP and find his true love. Someone better than me. Someone who won’t need him, won’t miss him—and he’ll be crazy without her. Somebody who gives him purpose to live. Someone who, no matter what he does, won’t ever tell him how much she really cares. Someone he’ll have as a mystery. I had faults (about being too attached) but I guess that’s how I show my love. If he wishes to have a different direction, so be it. If he wishes to have more time for himself, then space will be given. If he wishes to come back, then he’ll be more than welcome. If he, however, leaves me without notice, then let my heart be with him—to remind him that my love for him is greater than my fear of losing him. That I can conquer anything even spiders with wings or those who can fly.”

Stars are bright, stars are shining, but remember that it’s dead all along.
We are the stars shining bright:
We are legendary.
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