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Ashley and Alfred are good friends since they were college. After five years from Alfred's graduation, they reunite. They meet at their secret hideout near the rails at the outskirts of town. It's summer at around four in the afternoon. It was a spontaneous meet up.

Alfred, "Hey," shyly waves at Ashley.
Ashley, "Hey," tucks hair around her ear.
Alfred, "It's been a while. Look at you you're so beautiful! I've heard great news about you. You're working as an opinion-editor at a magazine."
Ashley, "Yah. And you're a part of the executive board at a company you work at, right? Wow, you're just 24!"
"Well you've been working since you're young and now you're reaping your success. Plus you have a boyfriend, Lance. I've been shipping you guys ever since I introduced you to each other."
"Really? Well that's shocking. I really thought that Lance and I would just be friends but here we are." Pauses. "So how are you and Ruby?"
"Great. Well, she's on a vacation on Brazil now."

Alfred continues, "you know you look really beautiful and I'm so happy for you right now."
Ashley, "thank you,"
Alfred mumbles, "if only I didn't... I mean... have..." Looks at Ashley straightforward when Ashley is looking at Alfred's right dimple, "You're really one of a kind. I really missed you. Any guy is lucky to have you by their side. Hmmm. All I want to say is I bet all guys you like will love you back or you can choose any guy you want from your admirers."
Ashley thinks and looks at Alfred's eyes, "Not all."
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