Summer is the right time to invest on your super powers—with this, I mean your talents, which in my case is Art. Robin Williams mentioned in a movie, this quote,

 Medicine, law business, engineering: these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love… these are what we stay alive for.

This inspired me to pursue my talent and love for art by exposing myself in their world. In case you’re wondering, “Well Michelle you’re not really into visual arts.” Think again, I do but the talent is passed on to my twin sister (aka the photographer of this blog). Through writing, modeling, and blogging, I express my individual form of art. Back to the topic, I was eager to write something fresh but trendy so my family drove all the way to Antipolo to land on my ~sanctuary~.

If you want to trek up and down the stairs, hunt for the perfect pieces, and find the perfect Filipino casas from the 20th century then Pinto Art Museum is perfect. Today, I woke up at seven a.m. to traverse out of town to seek the mysteries of the holy grail, P.A.M. What I love about the place is it fills tourists with passion and more interest with art. I love discovering that they were collaborative pieces from American and Filipino artists within the country.

Pinto Art Museum has six galleries viewing sculptures and paintings. Here are my favorite shots and pieces from the place.

Anyone will want to stay in for coffee or dine in with its indoor restaurant. Plus I love how relaxing they make every interior and exterior design of each casa.

To cut our discussion short—museum is the perfect place to date me! Someone who’s private without sacrificing the stress of city noise; if you want to learn more about someone’s thoughts and chill out or debate your perspective on a specific piece then voila a sanctuary!

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