MONEY 101 Part 1

Wanna be rich? 80 percent of those who read this blog post became richer by the minute. Only ten percent became richer by knowledge.

 Money, money, money… Who doesn’t want money? No one…Money Matters in terms of keeping up with this grueling transactions and lifestyle in this generation! An important lesson I learned from my business courses at school is cash is attractive. It is an instrument that flows to sustain persons within and or without the premise of the firm. Cash is susceptible to goodbyes.

As soon as I saw this poster around the AMV bulletin board, I immediately scrolled through my planner and made an appointment with this date. Seminars are not free; or at least, rarely do they offer them cash-free.

An event by Rotaract, hosted by Josh Chantengco and Ruth Yambot.

 At around 11 am, last March 2 I signed my name at the registration "number 1" and realized I was the first to enter the venue. I was with my good friend Rica when we shook hands with guest speakers Coach Dave Aguila (and his associate, Niko.) I introduced myself and my friend Rica with the speaker as writers and chat a bit before the seminar started. Not much details to discuss about our private discussion.

Investing young is vital not only for survival and sustainability among ourselves but also for the society we dwell into. The first speaker is The Philippines’ Most Respectfully Straightforward Success and Money Management Coach, Sir Dave Cristoferson C. Aguila. Coach Dave told us that the problem is not our expenses but mindless spending. According to Coach Dave Aguila, “Investment is income protection + wealth accumulation +spending.” So he gave us strategies to apply in maximizing one’s money. Before that, he gave us a tip “Save to invest; not save to spend.”

The four applications are:
1.    Negotiate for cash allowance increase
Why? Simple= More money to enjoy and invest.
How? Set academic goals, communicate these goals with parents, plan and consistently implement until success!

2.     Enjoy half of your cash allowance
Why? Life is meant to be enjoyed to the fullest with responsible actions.
How? Pamper yourself with half of your investment every now and then.

3.    Invest half of your cash allowance on active instruments
Why? To have additional income aside from your main source of income.

4.    Re-invest of your investment earnings and enjoy half of it.
Why? To grow current incomes (both active and passive income sources.)

Training is important. 95% of investors fail (lose their money) because there is no training. Saving is not even the objective in order to accumulate wealth. According to the speaker, the difference between the rich and the ordinary is The Rich= Passive income > expenses.

            You can learn more on how to save money by emailing me at INQUIRE@THEMICHELLETAN.COM to download the entire handout or inquire Coach Dave through his website Coach Dave Aguila dot com.

Tune in next week for part two!

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