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Have you ever wondered why the ocean has the shore only to meet the classic sandy tropical land?
Have you ever thought that there is a layer called soil, that exposes the tree from the land but conceals its roots from the core?
Have you ever raised to anyone the question why is there afternoon in between day and night?
Have you asked yourself why only a few people could understand why imperfection is beauty?
There is only one answer to these questions:

We maximize our poses to sell our photos so that our clients can earn from us. That's what most people think. There's more to that actually. Our environment has negative spaces, the area we don't consume. It is our duty to fill them with our energy through our body, clothes, props, and perhaps movements. We turn something boring into interesting. If you think we're people constricted to obey orders from authority or follow trends by avoiding physiological satisfaction, then you're also right. There is power in everything. The moment we step out of the backstage to face the spotlight, we're not Managerial accountants, daughters/sons, a sister/brother, or even a model. We're a reminder that there is power.

Without the shore in the beach, the mighty waves of the ocean might crash and destroy the beautiful land.
Without the soil, the tree that provides the air we breathe can barely stand on its own feet.
Without afternoons, what would set time to remind humans that we only have twenty four hours to make an impact?
Without scars, people won't realize how genuine they are--how much real they are or have become throughout their battles in life; how much pain has nurtured them.

To divide something means that there is a thin line existing in every level of understanding. Those who want to be at the top must understand and bear the consequences in order to become something of power.
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