Connection (Existential Crisis)

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Existential Crisis.
At this point, thinking about the future bothers me.

The goal is to make my heart beat match my past self and future self, to match time's TIME.
With you, time's faster.

There is a link between the past and the future through the present. Time constricts us to be together, though. Even if I want to meet my past self and future self, I can only choose to be who and what I am today. With this heart that I have now, even though the past is a drag and the future is subject to further discretion, I am to build myself so that one day the three of us can meet... everything will make sense. And every question asked has a thorough meaning.

Someday, my existence is a legacy and this crisis will be solved.
Anxiety will die as soon as I remember every beat of a heart is a tick from time. It will all be okay.

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