Caution: Spontaneity

Right after an exhausting shoot for a hair commercial project is another unexpected photo shoot with my friend, Ana. Weve known each other for a decade now (but shes closer with Joan).

Brief introas products of an all girls catholic school, we dedicate each work with excellence and core competence.

We had the entire afternoon scouting for locations, walking-running-jumping on pedestrian lanes, faking an artsy life, and etc. You guessed it rightmodeling is exhausting! Think about what actors even do when they act out and express varied emotions. If my acting were silent, think about the vigorous energy real life actors put into their work (and to think that they are not as haggard as we were today.) The question iswhere did we get our effervescence to continue the shoot from day to night? The answer is uncertain but were willing to brace more projects together. Even with unpredictability at stake, expect an up to par work of art.

Photographed by Ana Maria Ramos

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