Anything Goes 3 (March 2016)

Scream and shout and let it all out!

Want to know why I love spoilers? Because I get to have some time to handle myself when tough situations commence. It is a custom in my system to plan and be prepared all the time. From every known fact or detail of "spoilers" are an anticipated and expected version of myself knowing that it is likely to happen. What's not likely to happen, hence, can belong to the most feared radar. This month, I never expected to have my days march down from one to thirty one.

Are you familiar with the feeling when you come to class unprepared for a graded recitation? Its a brief metaphor of the roller coaster. Head is spinning, heart is racing, whole body with one pulsing, prevent yourself from vomiting, a situation with unpredicted ending, and direction without pausing. Its this month! Filled with agendas and familial demands, bombarded with academic dilemmas, piled up with issues and future commitments, and asking for my immediate decision or resolution. You might have thought, hey youre nineteen, you should have been trained to handle that kind of emotion and the skill to express your thoughts with grace and tranquility its not like that. 

As much as Id love to grow with my blog, discussing the main theme Power is an equal inversely proportioned reality of me losing control with all the plans I had. Was I too scared to lose or was I too obsessed with winning? Throughout the weeks, I have been identifying what I have to project in my blog and what I am as a person. Frightening, as it seems, I made major decisions in my personal life and realized how many people are affected with it. More than forty, I assume. Numbers are just numbers. Thing is, change will vary someones thoughts, emotions, schedule, privacy, perception, and well-being. Forty at stake is too much. Then I realized the famous quote will remain a classic, great power comes with great responsibility. My (risky) actions might scare people but it will lead me to a wholesome individual.

Is choosing academics over my blog the better decision I made this month? Well, together well find out. 

With these intense emotions I have today, I strongly believe that I am ready to embark on April. I made choices this month that made me stronger and wiser. More committed than ever, I am yoursScream of Silence.

Join me this April as we venture more about school and work. This time, I am certain you'll gain something from me.
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