7 Times I Prefer Wearing Eyeglasses (Over Contact Lenses)

There is an aftermath after realizing that my vision can never be 20-20 anymore. Inasmuch as I’d want to hawk on important details in different scenarios in life, still, I’d have to accept the fact that wearing glasses is closely forever. Of course, I regret not taking care of my vision because wearing specs has been my life since circa 2011. Everyday I hear my mother’s rant, “wearing glasses hides your beauty.” Coming from someone who claims to have existed in life without wearing glasses for almost fifty years, I say that she must have enjoyed them vision.
On the contrary, are my seven reasons why I prefer to wear them anyway:

1. A Shield Against Sharp Objects
There once was a day where in I had to go upstairs at this edgy staircase with pointed side grips. There once was a day where I’d like to feel the wind on my face and still feel amazed because no foreign object will attach to my eyeballs. One day, the unexpected rain poured on my face, but instead of feeling annoyed that I have to wipe my glasses again, at least I don’t have the creepy feeling that “a rain drop lurks around my eyeballs” for life. Great thing these glasses are here to save me.

2. The Instant-Smarter look
Whenever I walk within the halls of College Life and look at what brought me to college (tuition fee + privilege), I remember the times wherein I had those sleepless nights where I had to burry my nose to my books. Sometimes, when I look at the mirror, I want to feel bad about not “taking care of my eyes” but then I realize that I should not fret because my test papers are the result.

Georgina Wilson on Sunnies by Charlie

3. When you pretend to not look at someone
Do you have someone you love to spy on? I know I do (sometimes). It is great having glasses because sometimes the frame conceals that you’re actually looking at these people when you pretend not to. Also, the glasses reflect light so sometimes it’s almost an effort to make someone have an eye contact with you (BECAUSE YOU ARE SPECIAL). Bonus, sometimes you can pretend you aren’t sleeping during class. Shhh, it didn’t come from me.

4. Best when you’re (always) in a hurry
Literally, you can just grab them any second before heading for school or work.

5. Less maintenance
You know when you have to wipe your glasses when there are visible finger prints on it, but that’s it! Having a contact lens is more hassle because you have to step 1. Wash your hands spot clean, step 2. Rinse each lens for twenty seconds on your palm each, step 3. Repeat step two on its other side, step 4, Poke them on your eyes, careful not to shut your eyes due to your reflex system, step 5. Repeat steps 2-4 on your other contact lens. See what I mean?

6. Classy Specs
You look like you actually have sunnies. Sunglasses are classy.
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7. There will always be a reminder that you’ll always need vision in life
A friendly reminder, having these glasses made me realize that friends are like eyeglasses; they make you see things clearer. Also, wearing eyeglasses made me realize that it’s okay to have certain tools in life to make you see things clearer.

My point is if you’re wearing glasses, feel confident that you are wearing glasses. No need to feel insecure that you have one. Also, as much as you miss having clear eyesight, keep in mind that you don’t have to worry because wearing glasses don’t change you as a person. It might change your lifestyle though, because it will entail you to keep a healthier lifestyle and dare you to take care of your eyes so that your grade won’t upgrade.

Here are three (3) moments that I must wear contacts:

  •        Formal Event like family gathering, parties, seminars, etc.
  •      (Extreme) Sports such as dancing, swimming, Frisbee or simply exercising.
  •     And special occasions—Competition such as modeling, film, and more.
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